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Comment Re: Wireless headphones are idiotic (Score 1) 79

"The fact beats are popular shows people don't give a shit about audio quality." This. Although thinking about it, I know a LOT of people who ask me if beats are any good (I test products for a living) and I laugh everytime! I think it may be worse in that people who can afford it think they know that it "must be good as it costs a lot". In my experience any decent headphones worth having will ALWAYS have a wired option. Sennheiser, Bowers &Wilkins, Sony & even the Bose QC35 all have wired options as well as bluetooth across most models (although Bose seem to break almost as often as beats).

Comment FUD? or really 7 years ahead? (Score 1) 243

It would not surprise me in the slightest if this was just an attempt to make the masses believe we are more secure than we actually are. In the phone world at least, yes, Facebook have enabled e2e encryption by default and google push out regular security updates but, like a recent post spoke about, the updates are not filtering down to the end user instantly like they should be. Also, one minute I hear iOS is rock-solid and impenetrable, next it's been split apart worse than a bride on the wedding night, then it's secure again. Is this just yet another attempt at public manipulation? Or are they (3 letter acronyms) actually as fucked as 'The Clapper' implies?

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