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Comment Upgrade worked, still can't clean install (Score 1) 376

Upgrading to Win10 worked ok but I have reasons to want to do a clean install. I can't though, Win10 refuses to admit seeing my SSD. When I go to load the storage drivers one of the disks it allows me to pull drivers from is the SSD. Awesome job.

Then there's windows defender. The GPO that disables it doesn't actually. ffffff

Good thing I only boot this install occasionally to play video games.

Comment Were this ever implemented... (Score 1) 179

Then anyone using would likely have to be coerced to use it. Then when some piece needed to be decrypted the likely result would be a message encrypted with another tool that the user has done their damnedest to ascertain has no back door.

Wow good job, we've found a way to bloat data packets even further. Up the bandwidth!

Comment Re:Washing Machine hacks? (Score 1) 481

Really? Although it's a 2 step process, the 'Quick Rinse' cycle on my dish washer uses hot water. Then I can pull out the reticent dishes and give them a physical scrub down with a brush, stick them back in, load the soap and run the official wash cycle.

Hot water all around. Of course, perhaps it's the fact that my hot water feed is responsive and it's the only pipe hooked to the dishwasher?

Comment mrxvt.. but I can't use it :( (Score 1) 352

I love the broadcast feature of mrxvt because there are a number of situations I get into where it's just handy to control 20 different machines with the same keypresses.

Unfortunately it doesn't support modern typography like UTF8. So I am using xfce4-terminal which mostly does what I need. Wrote a little script to deal with the broadcasting that leverages pconsole to get me there.

Comment Re:Amazon App tablets let you app apps! (Score 2) 200

I want an E-Ink reader. I have tablets available (don't use them), and I have my phone which is what I do use. The biggest reason I don't have an E-Ink reader is the software. Kindle sucks, Nook doesn't even have E-Ink anymore, Kobo... I've heard lots of negative about their hardware, mostly short lifespan so I've never even checked out the software.

Find an E-Ink reader that can run FBReader and I'll jump on it.

Comment DIY-ish full adjustable electric (Score 3, Interesting) 340

I bought an electric adjustable height desk leg set (UpLift 900) from and bought a complete desk shell elsewhere for just the top (at quite a savings) in the size that I wanted. I like a deep desk and this one is 30". They've got even more options now for building your own desk including treadmills.

I found that standing didn't work out for me... however the adjustable height of the desk has made my sitting time far more comfortable and ergo.

Comment OpenVMS (Score 3, Funny) 343

It has an automatic versioning filesystem (Files-11)...

Far as I can tell there isn't really a 'modern' filesystem that does this. Because what you need is for no one to have to think about doing it. Save the file, done. w/ Files-11 it gets a version number appended and if it's important enough to recover I'm sure someone would manage to figure out how to dig up the older revision that they want.

Comment You mean the camera market? (Score 2) 422

Because the photography market is strong as ever from my viewpoint, both for professional photographers that don't feel the need to upgrade kit that's good enough to do what they're doing and the same for hobbyists. It's those pesky home users that just want to feel like they're saving memories by snapping with their cell phones you're not going to entice to buy a separate camera. It's just one more thing left in the closet after you get sick of lugging it around.

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