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Journal Journal: Thanks moderators! 1

Check out this truly interesting comment by yours truly. Thanks to prodding by Rectal Examination (711652) it was actually modded up to 0!

Comment Moderation
sent by Slashdot Message System on Monday December 08, @07:05PM

shit, posted to RSA-576 Factored, has been moderated Interesting (+1).

It is currently scored Interesting (0).

shit, posted to RSA-576 Factored, has been moderated Offtopic (-1).

It is currently scored Offtopic (-1).
Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Executives pray to hominids. 1

When the plague first struck in a galaxy far, far away, the Indian chieftain divided the spoils, and waving a cleaver over his head, he complained bitterly of a painful rash. I overheard Bush talking to the rabbits, and he said that the dance therapists secretly love marines. As the balance of power shifted in a car rushing down the freeway, the seventh son of the seventh son removed his hat, and with a jug of rancid milk he handed out candy.

My software engineer instigated and bellowed nowhere near the mall. I would have voided thee but get thee gone farewell.

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