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Comment Re:Bad Reason (Score 0) 319

[quote]Anything that doesn't need high bandwidth video should be able run on cloud compute.[/quote]

The reason is as old as computers -he want the erection he will get by having 64 GB of ram in a laptop. He hasn't even tried the new machine, and has judged it unworthy. There have been no real world tests published and he knows it will just leave him limp.

Comment Same story, different words. (Score 1) 524

Since 1984 this same story has been told over and over and it doesn't change anything. For years it has been known that it is less expensive for developers to support their programs if they are written for the Mac. It has been known that employees require less support than on Mac.

I have worked at numerous fortune 100 companies and every one (with only a few exceptions) wanted to switch to Mac but couldn't for various reasons such as they were running 20 year old code that no one understood any more and couldn't afford to port the whole thing to Mac. Or they were tied into a long term maintenance agreement with Microsoft, or what ever.

Comment Re:All about Courage (Score 1) 210

My story is pretty much like yours - one of the devices I had fail was my wife iPad 1 that was 5 years old and the battery stopped holding a charge.

I called Apple, they paid overnight shipping BOTH WAYS and replaced it with a refurb for $99.

It is hard to complain about that, but I am sure many here will find some way.

Every time I have had to call Apple customer service the experience has been excellent - very excellent, beyond any other company I have ever dealt with.

That is part of why they have such a loyal fan base. And I know this will shock many here, but MOST people in the world are not geeks, and don't care about being able to modify or enhance their phones. I happen to be a developer myself, and I don't even want to...

Comment Nope, no compitieron at all... (Score 1) 89

And if you believe that United Launch Alliance (Lockheed. Martin and Boeing) are looking forward to farm and honest competition - well, right. Sure, that is certainly the hallmark of the military industrial complex.

Big money likes to win and can afford to buy the privilege. SpaceX and Blue Origin had better hurry and hope UAL doesn't decided to swat the annoying startups.

Our country runs on money - we are a country dedicated to making the uber rich richer.

Comment Re:It's the day innovation died at Apple (Score 3, Informative) 117

Like so many geeks, you just don't get it. So what, he didn't improve tech. He made products that people love. |He made products that he loved. He brought a company back from bankruptcy to being the most valuable company in the world - not because the tech is good or bad, but because he knew what people wanted before they wanted it.

Comment Re:No return trips? (Score 5, Informative) 497

During the question and answer period after his announcement he said that if someone got there and changed their minds, they could return on the return trip of the spaceship. The intention is to reuse the ships so the will be coming back to be refitted and relaunched to be used again.

He also stated that one of the qualifications to go is that you have to be able to answer YES to the question, are you prepared to die - he expects it to be VERY dangerous.

I respect his ambition and his vision.

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