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Comment Re:Internet and Internet 2 is smoke in the US of A (Score 1) 281

> In Japan, it's pretty easy even in rural areas like Kyoto to order a 100Mb connection and get it at a reasonable rate.

Kyoto? Rural area? Are you nuts?
From wikipedia:
Population (April 2008) 1,465,917
  - Density 1,779/km2 (4,607.6/sq mi)

(For comparison - New York City - Metro Density 2,828.4/sq mi (1,092/km2))


Reflections On the Less-Cool Effects of Filesharing 458

surpeis writes "This snub is an attempt to point the finger at something I feel has been widely ignored in the ever-lasting debate surrounding (illegal) filesharing, now again brought in the spotlight by the Pirate Bay trial. I should state that I am slightly biased, as I have been running my own indie label for some years, spanning about 30 releases. It's now history, but it was not filesharing that got the best of us, just for the record." (surpeis's argument continues below.)

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