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Submission + - A job fair for jobs in India in Calif. (

dcblogs writes: Indian and U.S. companies are holding a job fair at the San Jose Convention Center this weekend for jobs in India. The job fair is aimed at Indian workers in the U.S., but anyone with an interest in working overseas can attend. India is pitched as a "sea of opportunity" in a PowerPoint presentation about the job fair, That's in contrast to another slide that makes the obvious point that U.S. has "barely recovered from a downturn," with "signs that it's headed for another."

Researchers Find Possible Atlantis Location 218

An AC writes"It seems that Plato's Atlantis has a new spot candidate. Some archaeologist used satellite imagery to identify a structure in an once tsunami-ed Spanish plain. From the article: '"This is the power of tsunamis," head researcher Richard Freund told Reuters. "It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that's pretty much what we're talking about," said Freund, a University of Hartford, Connecticut, professor who lead an international team searching for the true site of Atlantis.'"

Comment Re:Not only graphics (Score 1) 568

to be fair... of the 20+ titles i own on ps3... GT5 is the first one i've seen do that (bayonetta's install was long after the patch that copied everything to the hdd to shorten load times but nowhere near as much as GT5)... funny as it doesn't even look THAT good to justify the ridiculously long install IMO...

i also game on pc and the wii... love 'em all.


Comment Re:HP is the worst (Score 1) 243


sounds exactly like my wife's experience with a pavillion zt1130 back in 2001. first and only time in my life i've seen a celeron overheating...

5 years with my toshiba and everything still works well except the keyboard... when i poured a full glass of rum and coke on it while asleep. it kept working for 5, 6 hours soaked in liquid... until i noticed the sticky keyboard while commenting on a video i was watching the next morning... needless to say i had to completely disassemble and clean the mess... but it was worth it since i'm typing this on that very laptop... don't know how/why the soaked mobo didn't fry...

cheers! indeed

Comment Re:HP is the worst (Score 1) 243

This is what they did when i bought my toshiba satellite pro which came with xp installed back in 2006 or 7 (don't recall now)

it had xp all right, but it came with so much crap i didn't want like norton security, M$ office trial, which actually slowed the machine considerably... ended up booting ubuntu in it... testing it with 7_64bit right now and so far so good.

Comment Re:That's about right if your name is Fidel Castro (Score 1) 344

...(just like Venezuela nationalized their oil industry under Chavez)...

just to show you how much you DON'T know what you're talking about I'll tell you this:

the oil industry in Venezuela was nationalized on Jan 1, 1976 during the 1st presidency of Carlos Andres Perez, the same Carlos Andres that Chavez would try to oust in his failed military coup attempt of 1992 during CAP's 2nd presidency,

how's that for irony? it was actually the so called "democratic" and "pro-yankee" regimes that nationalized oil here in Venezuela...

  but i guess Chavez loves it that you think he did it, when actually it was a military dictator, just like Chavez (Juan Vicente Gomez) that gave the land and exploitation rights of our soil to the US oil companies for pennies...


Comment Re:How did it turn out? (Score 1) 173

hey... don't shoot the messenger.

as abigor's already said they've sold plenty of consoles and remotes and games too (but with the lowest attach rate of the 3 consoles)

it's just that few of the games for the wii are great and most just plain not good, speaking from a gamer's perspective, of course. THAT'S how it turned out.

not saying is a flop but it could be so much more.

p.s.: i have a wii and i've logged +500 hours playtime on the thing...

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