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Comment Re:Nokia and RIM (Score 1) 761

I like Google's intent with Android but I like Apple's execution with iOS.

Google seems to be doing great things, but at 80-90% completeness. This yeilds products that are 'good-enough' but not always a pleasure to use. Apple goes the extra mile to make their devices are 90-99% complete.

I still have gripes about some of Apples things, like their Find My Friends (which only finds your friends if they happen to use iPhones) whereas Google's Latitude works across many devices. But overall I think this huge earnings report is not undeserved.

Still, I'm excited to try my new Galaxy Nexus when it comes in and see how it stands up to the iPhone.

Comment Re:"Now that it's finally here"...? (Score 1) 127

Maybe it's because I don't play WoW or some shit in my parents basement - but for what I do, email, surfing, music - it's perfect. Instant on, and iPad battery life (the cr-48 anyways).

Must be you because at any given time, I have half dozen programs running that are NOT a web browser. A netbook would be the closest approximation to something useful for me. A Chromebook is just stupid. A $500 web browser. I could buy a $500 netbook that will run most programs I need including a web browser.

You know, I still have a desktop that has a half dozen programs running that are not in a web browser. I wouldn't dream of going without it. Even so, what device gets the most use? My CR-48. Most of the time all I want to do is look up some quick youtube clip, send an email, waste some time on Google Reader, or check Facebook/G+/whatever. The cr-48 is lighter, has (some) free wifi (and tethers for the rest), and has great battery life.

So for you, yeah, maybe a chromebook isn't going to cut it. But I'd definitely tell my mom to get a chromebook. Much, much less for her to worry about. Hell, she has a mac now and never uses any of the trackpad gestures. Different tools for different tasks.

Comment Re:Right tool for the job... (Score 1) 136

Yeah, I like my Cr48 too. It gets most of what I need to done. I do sometimes wish it was a little more powerful as it does seem to stutter on some higher quality YouTube clips.

As ChromeOS gets more polish and some offline capabilities (email, docs), I could see myself recommending this to my mom or something. The only use she gets out of her current laptop is email, text editing, web browsing, and photo storage. She does travel and isn't always around wifi (or even mobile networks) so offline support would be great.

Comment Re:Frankly G+ can suck it. (Score 1) 284

Also, they are private by default. I like how my photos are backed up to picasa now. I used to use a third party app to do that.

All in all, so far G+ has been a pretty positive experience for me. It's a social network, so it's odd when people act surprised when you can share information with others and stuff marked "Global" gets posted and indexed everywhere for everyone to see.

Comment Re:Just like alcohol related accidents. (Score 1) 317

In my experience cops have been more accommodating.

I had an accident where my car flipped over on a highway*. Among other things, I was transporting some home-brew beers other alcohol. Some were in the trunk, but there were two cases in the backseat. As the car flipped, one of the cases broke open and a couple beers broke and the car reeked of beer.

By the time a cop got there, one of the first things I told the cop was that I was transporting beer and a bottle broke when the car flipped and that's why the car smelled like beer. The cop just said something like "oh, OK." and wrote me up for "driving too fast for conditions". There was nothing in the report about alcohol.

I dunno, maybe the cop was just lazy, but I wasn't tested or anything for alcohol.

* It was last Christmas, I was taking a bunch of beer/wine/liquor back to my family and was driving on a country highway. Light rain, freshly paved road, trunk with lots of weight in it--the car slid out in a turn and I lost control and the car went out and flipped over. I was driving under the speed limit and noone else was involved. Much to my astonishment, I was fine, but confused as to how to remove my seatbelt without falling down onto the roof. But not even bruising or soreness afterwards. I just lost two bottles of beer and a car.

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