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Comment Re:5, 10, 20 years down the road (Score 1) 349

i wouldn't say that there's always private servers. at least not on consoles. for example, i've been playing a lot of SF4 on PS3 on PSN. i'm not even sure who runs those servers, sony, capcom...some combination of the two? what happens when the numbers dwindle down and they don't want to keep the matchup servers running? hopefully they would say something like, "hey, we're not supporting these servers anymore, but we'll patch the game to look for public servers, and here's the server code that you can run on your own." that would be nice, but i don't see it happening.

Comment Re:Windows Media Center (Score 1) 536

i basically did the same thing, and agree, it works great. i have a Win7 Premium (comes w/ media center) and the hauppage HD dual tuner card (about $130). i got a refurb dell (dual core 2.8) for about $230. downstairs, i have the computer hooked up to the TV to watch it directly, or i can stream to the xbox 360 upstairs. it does netflix, and any other show that is available on the web :) right now i have a "broadcast" cable subscription, basically because i didn't have much luck with OTA antennas. my cable bill went down from $60 to $12, so it'll pay for itself in no time. i mostly watch network TV and DVDs anyway. i will miss adult swim though

Comment Re:Will this benefit the average user? (Score 1) 383

i don't see why this would happen. I run Firefox and Chrome on a P4 3.0 (no multi core) and Chrome's speed blows away FF. My chrome starts almost immediately after I press the icon button in the quick launch tray. FF takes forever to load, I hope they fix that soon (and no, I don't have that many plugins installed)

Comment pick up a new hobby (Score 1) 1354

i've met a lot of people by joining a pool league. i wasn't out to meet new people really, i just wanted to learn to play pool better. the bar i go to has a non-smoking league, so that was bonus! meeting people is a side effect of being on a team with different people, and playing against other people, and it's fun. you'd be amazed at how many good pool players there are out there (or you can pick something else, i've seen dodgeball leagues, kickball leagues, softball leagues, etc...)

Comment Cheap Refurbs? (Score 2, Informative) 424

I picked up a scratch & dent computer, dual core 2.6, 3 GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive for $220 from the dell outlet.
Considering it came with a licensed OS, it was cheaper than me building one.
just keep an eye on there, because they go quick. if it turns out that you can buy a better computer than what you have, just keep the new one and give her the old

Comment Re:Gaming is a poor spectator 'sport'... (Score 1) 116

I agree, I do enjoy spectating certain types of games. Street Fighter tourneys might be one of them. I'm looking forward to this indie documentary SF is interesting to watch because you get to see how pros play, learn new combos, styles of fighting, etc. It's 1 on 1, and all the action takes place on one screen. i think it's hard to spectate FPS games, or team based games, where different screen "see" different angles of the same action

Comment Re:I want a PS3 (Score 1) 232

yes, not only that, but you CAN get good deals on PS3s already if people look a little harder. For example, they were running a promo, where if you opened up a Sony credit card (I think through chase) you got $150 off your first purchase. so, $400 (retail PS3) - $150= $250. That means you CAN get a PS3 for the same price as a Wii, and you get the BD player, etc...

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