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Comment Re: Civics class (Score 1, Troll) 481

How about morals class? Teach people to how to respect one another and treat others the way they'd like to be treated themselves. Let's encourage strong families that stay together and teach kids to respect their elders. And let's teach today's men to stop behaving like women and today's women to stop behaving like men while we're at it. If the moral fabric of society keeps falling apart, we are doomed.

Comment Re: How long will it last... (Score 1) 94

Yes, but in many cases it is impossible to know who has the rights. The company could have sold the IP, could have transfered it, or perhaps it had multiple owners or even the company was using it illegally! This could create sort of a chilling effect, where people are afraid to take chances because someone might own the copyrights and come back to sue. That's why the copyright system really needs to be reformed. Copyrights should have to be renewed every 7 years or so for a small fee. If you're making money from it, renew it and you still have the rights. If it's no longer profitable or you have no desire to keep the copyright, don't pay the fee and it becomes public domain. This should keep the big companies happy because they can keep their successful IP for a long time like they do now (and a small fee is nothing if the IP is really profitable) but also allow more works to enter the public domain for remixing, adapting, and other creative uses.

Comment Re: Time for a Layman's TOR? (Score 0) 95

I think that's quite a different issue though. Being the neighborhood tthis kind of h head, I've had quite a few people ask me his to stop the government from spying on them. Even the masses to some extent worry about this. They distrust the government, and for pretty good reason based on how it's been behaving lately. Yet, stuff like passwords on their phones or encryption really only matter if someone has access to their device. People seem to trust others around them, and therefore don't worry about this threat. After all, in the average Joe's mind, a hacker attacks victims remotely, not by borrowing your computer and changing the password of their automatically logged in email, for example.

Comment Re: If you tax the rich, they'll leave (Score 0, Funny) 255

Good, let em leave. (Most, because there are a few exceptions) rich folks are assholes who got their riches by taking advantage of others or stuck up pricks who were born into wealth and have no idea what it's like to struggle (no, deciding between a BMW and Mercedes for your third car is NOT a struggle). They soon they go, the better. Get them out of the country, or just send them all the New Jersey (that place is beyond help anyway).

Comment Re: Hypocrisy (Score 1, Interesting) 571

Actually, it seems women have it relatively tame. Sure, they get a lot of random messages asking for cyber sex, but they also get a LOT of benefits for being a women, especially in a geeky place with mostly male audience. Sometimes I'll even register as a woman on for example tech forums because it really does make my question get answered faster and better (by some geek hoping to impress the "chick"). Now compare this treatment to how blacks get treated online. N-bombs and racism everywhere and constant stereotyping, and almost no positive treatment at all. It's also quite bad for gays (although everyone gets called a faggot these days) and Arabs/Muslims. Thought about posting this anonymously, but I guess I really have nothing to lose by attachimg my name to it.

Comment Not just women (Score 3, Insightful) 571

Oh no, not this topic again... Trolls don't care about their tragets' gender. They just want the most harm for the least effort. Women generally are the ones who get offended and emotional about this stuff, and therefore are much easier and more exciting targrta. Men just ignore it or fight back. As they say, the easiest way to make someone stop bullying you is to ignore it and not be offended or bothered (or at least not show it). Either thay, or swing back if the situation calls for it. The bully will move on to someone weaker and raiser to get a rise out of.

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