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Submission + - Btcd, A Full-node Bitcoin Implementation, Goes Beta!

An anonymous reader writes: Last year, the crew at Conformal announced btcd, an alternative full-node bitcoin implementation written in Go. Btcd 0.8.0 has now been released with the -beta tag. One very exciting feature is the websocket API for instant notifications of events, such as new blocks or transactions containing addresses you are watching for, etc. They also have created an RPC/websocket client API which works against both btcd and bitcoind. While some think an alternative implementation is a bad thing, I think it only betters the community. The btcd changelog and windows binaries can be found on GitHub, or you can download the source code.

Submission + - Taking humor to a Heartbleed'ing new level!

fries writes: It is not news that OpenBSD is ripping OpenSSL a new one, and with good cause. The code has torn the industry a new one in a multiple platform debut of the heartbleed saga. When you are having so much pain from the server updates and password resets, it is time to laugh. Head over to for your dose of humor as related to the latest OpenBSD efforts.

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