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Comment Points vs. stations (Score 2) 215

I'm assuming a 'charging point' charges one car. A gas station has between 4 and 20 pumps. If it takes 3 minutes to fill a car's tank, that means a gas station can serve between 80 and 400 cars per hour. A charging point can serve between 0.1 and 2 (for a Tesla Supercharger) cars per hour.

Apples and oranges.

Comment Re:Just wait for oil changes to come with DRM so (Score 1) 194

BMW tried that. they specify a "special" oil for their cars and bikes. Luckily there are people that have higher IQ's than BMW engineers and you can use cheap synthetic 5W30 oil at a sane 7500mile oil change interval and be better off than their special BMW LL-01 at a 15,000 mile change.

Or do as Europeans do, and use normal synthetic 5W30 oil at a 15,000-20,000 mile oil change interval.

I don't get this American obsession with changing oil. Did you guys have really shitty motor oil before? UK oil change intervals have been 12,000+ miles/annual for decades.

Comment Re:laser beam focus? sounds harmful... (Score 1) 198

laser bean for focusing the object for auto detection? will that do harm to our skin,eye,body? radiation is not good to health, now the laser beam, really?

It's true, the combination of dangerous radiation and now us all being exposed to lasers at the same time will mutate our DNA and turn us into lizard people. And that's what THEY want.

Comment I tried ParkMe; (Score 1) 163

First I couldn't find it in the Google Play store. When I searched for it on the desktop, I found the app is "not compatible with any of your devices". Ho-hum.

I tried searching for local parking on the developer's site. They have data for maybe 10% of car parks in central Birmingham, UK; and even then the prices are denoted in US dollars. I don't know whether $4 = £4, or if some exchange rate is being applied.

If I search on Parkopedia, despite the slightly clunky interface not only is every local car park that I know of listed with prices, there are also details of the city street parking zones and their times of operation.

I would suggest that there may be more than one reason a particular parking app is more popular than another.

Comment Re:Homework Assignment For This Story (Score 1) 92

The more people that repeatedly search on 'Ambassador's Reception', the more fun the security wonks will have trying to figure out why the spike and which ambassador :)

Of course they all want to watch this 'classic' tv ad...

Maybe the 'honeytrap' involved bribing people with offers of aspirational confectionary?

Comment Re:Secret Nazi Weapon (Score 1) 272

Holocaust deniers keep prattling on about how hard it would be to incinerate 6 million Jews.

Having seen a couple of posts on here alluding to the same theory (that is, cremating 6 million Jews during the Holocaust is implausible) I decided to do a couple of calculations.

Approximately 70% of all deaths in the UK currently result in a cremation: . In 2010 there were 493,000 deaths in England and Wales (UK minus Scotland): . 493,000 x 70% = 345,000 cremations in the England and Wales, in 2010.

If you multiply 345,000 cremations per year by the 6 year duration of World War 2, that means in 6 years, as a matter of routine there are at least 2 million cremations in the UK. It stands to reason that a regime with control over the entire industrial output of a major country could manage to cremate 6 million people in a couple of years.

Comment Re:I liked it. (Score 1) 222

Capers, cous-cous and dog food.

It was difficult to follow the fight, as it was shot in 'extreme shakeycam' form from the mobile phone POV. I probably misinterpreted the outcome.

What happened to Generator Man's wife? She seemed to disappear, probably around the point I left the room to make a cup of national-grid-heated tea.

I would guess from her disappearance from the screen, the fact that he is with one child and the arguments leading up to that scene that she has gone elsewhere either temporarily or permanently. It's not made clear, although considering the only source of information we have is (according to the premise) footage shot by him, it wouldn't be.

Comment Re:hey stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 222

How do you suggest the control room communicate with all the various power stations and electricity consumers across the country then?

Perhaps, I don't know, they could piggyback a communication network onto the physical power network they own, airgapped from the internet? Maybe they could call each other on the phone like they did for the first ~80 years of the grid's existence?

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