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Comment upgraders should not brick (Score 1) 467

It is bad design if their upgrade programs brick their devices against all recovery methods. I've worked for several companies as a firmware engineer and our products were not brickable. The bootloader is not customer flashable, everything else is. Several of my products were RAID controllers in competition with LSI. I would suggest shouting far and wide that a consumer upgrade procedure was capable of bricking their device. Even the small computers which use uboot and like-bootloaders can be field recovered using an inexpensive (under $50) bring-up device if the manufacturers so choose. Designs like graphics controllers should have a recovery method using a PC app which placed the executable into RAM and then the user forces the graphics card into a special boot mode which looks for the executable at a pre-defined address.
      I've never worked on a PC motherboard main-CPU design but I would think that a good BIOS design should have an A-image and a B-image where you can not bootload the A-image from itself and vice-versa.

Comment Fuchs' Dystrophy (Score 1) 195

Some people who have glare problems have Fuchs' Dystrophy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuchs'_dystrophy

One of the key symptoms is that the problem is much worse after waking up and is not so noticeable after 6 or 8 hours.

For persons having this issue, putting lights behind the monitor is not a solution. Working in a nearly dark room is also not a solution because the glare from what light sources remain make it very difficult to see anything except the light sources. Setting the UIs to light on dark is definitely helpful.

Comment Re:Tape for boo-boos? (Score 1) 145

You were lucky. I always got at least chewed out for a boo-boo, if not worse.

At least your parents didn't cover it with Mecurochrome. Putting organic mercury compounds on a child's open wound is probably not the best idea (though I don't think any studies definitely proved that mercury was absorbed into the body from Mercurochrome). Plus it left your skin indelibly dyed a bright orange color.

you were lucky. At last your parents didn't just cut off the damaged limb.

Comment Watts vs Volts? (Score 1) 294

They said they were at 10KV four years ago. Now they are looking for 1MW. That's kilovolts vs MegaWatts. The article said they were at 500KV. There is no indication how many watts they are at. The article didn't have enough information to understand how close they are to the goals.

Volts and Watts are related by Amps. P=IE Watts = Amps * Volts.

Comment Ethics - US Law (Score 0) 826

The United States has made it illegal to create low paying jobs in the United States. How else do you create a low paying job but to take it to a country where the country allows the creation of jobs in that pay category? Or am I reading this wrong?

Ethical b:being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession: It was not considered ethical for physicians to advertise.

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Comment reduced speed for stupid reasons (Score 1) 825

This does beg the question, why are they doing motor vehicle inspections at all of they pass a car that can't safely (for everybody else - occupants of the car are at least responsible for their own safety?) go 90mph? And having done so, why would a gvt want to put a lower speed limit on a road where inspected cars can do 90mph?

Oh, my own answer is that they have some arbitrary goal that has nothing to do with safety. Like trimming our ranks of capable people who have low tolerance for boredom, or saving energy so the Afghanis can have when they take over.

Comment Re:Luddite (Score 0, Troll) 514

in fact, the economy cratered. There's a sucker born every minute - or should I say, an idiot.

I'm pretty sure the House of Representatives, FHLMC and FNMA are the biggest culprits here.

I didn't call you an idiot. I called the idea of spending money despite having cut taxes idiocy. I think I'm actually agreeing with you there.

My grief is with the Fed Gvt for trying to do social engineering with tax money. FHLMC and FNMA were involved in criminal activity with huge amounts of money, at the behest of many elected federal politicians. This is where our attention should go. But this is not even surprising. Big governments always do this. The solution is to bring all of the expensive projects to a more local forum. The whole idea of having 50 states, each having their own rules and projects, is a great thing. The citizenry could move to the state which best met their own notions of goodness and we'd all be able to see what solutions were great and which were mistakes.

As it is, we really don't have a choice. The whole thing is a disaster. I have many issues with Bush's presidency, especially his interest in spending taxpayer money on projects which are of clearly debatable merit, i.e. nationbuilding, pharmaceutical programs, etc...

I have even more issues with the current crop of representatives. And they've mostly been in office since Jan 2008.

Comment Re:FFS, JUST DO IT ALREADY!!! (Score 1) 514

Fuck the economic Ayn Randists and their fixation with shaving off every cent from every thing and keeping it for themselves.


That would be lovely except that every time the fed spends a dollar, that's a huge amount of money that the private sector can't spend. The Fed has a horrible record of picking the right projects to back and is hugely inefficient at doing projects.

Consider convincing a more local government to back for infrastructure projects. Local governments are much much better at making good use of taxpayer money. This is self evident for many reasons. Get the Fed off our back so our states and counties can do the work that we think is important.

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