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Comment Re:Cloud hosting (Score 1) 224

You know who else didn't call it GNU/Linux? Hitler! That's right, he didn't call it GNU/Linux a single time. Not once in any of his many speeches did he say GNU/Linux. And not even once in any of his many private conversations with various people did he say GNU/Linux. So what does that make people who don't call it GNU/Linux? Yes, exactly. There you have it; the bare simple truth.

Comment Why such hate and rage? (Score 1) 521

There's no reason to buy it.

You may not see any reason to buy it for yourself. But you're not everyone, and others may view things differently for themselves. For example; not everyone has a fancy smartphone and/or an iPad. I really don't understand why you seem so upset about an ordinary consumer electronics device like this. After all, nobody is forcing you to buy it.

Comment Re:Which illustrates what we already knew (Score 1) 298

Considering the frankly batshit insane 6 month release schedule Ubuntu has everyone on you're lucky any drivers work at all.

Is your problem with the 6 month release schedule, Ubuntu's implementation of it, or both? I'm curious since OpenBSD has managed to have a perfectly held 6 month release schedule for many years without any of the problems you mention.

Comment The difference between CACert and DigiNotar (Score 4, Interesting) 215

I love this comment from Mozilla's Nelson Bolyard in that thread:

I have no opinion about the worthyness of the particular CA being proposed in this bug. I don't know who it is yet. But my question would be:

Does webtrust "attest" to this CA?

I think that should be one of the criteria. PKI is about TRUST. All root CAs that are trusted for (say) SSL service are trusted EQUALLY for that service. If we let a single CA into mozilla's list of trusted CAs, and they do something that betrays the publics' trust, then there is a VERY REAL RISH that the public will lose ALL FAITH in the "security" (the lock icon) in mozilla and its derivatives.

We don't want that to happen. If that happens, mozilla's PKI becomes nothing more than a joke. If you want to see mozilla's PKI continue to be taken seriously, you will oppose allowing unattested CAs into mozilla's list of trusted root CAs.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 769

Actually, I remember reading about a theory called GUF (Grand Unified Fruitcake) that posited that there is exactly one fruitcake in existence and that it simply is given over and over.

Is this some code speak for the plot of a really disgusting German pr0n movie?

Comment Re:Aptitude (Score 1) 769

I don't think that this can be empirically substantiated. Germany's Red Army Faction, for instance, contained no engineers at all that I know of. Nevertheless they succeeded in numerous highly technically sophisticated attacks

They may not have had formally trained engineers among themselves, but on the other hand, several of their members received paramilitary training from their WP overlords, in order to make them better useful idiots.

Comment Re:What I care about (Score 1) 150

Speaking of burqas, here's a rather interesting example of social welfare benefit fraud from Gothenburg, Sweden from a couple of years back:

För ett år sedan startade SDN Lärjedalen en halvårslång utbildning för tio somaliska kvinnor med inriktning på hotell och hushållsnära tjänster. Åtta kvinnor fullföljde kursen, som i våras avslutades med en träff med en presumtiv arbetsgivare, en städfirma. Problemet var bara att tre av kvinnorna, som under utbildning varit helt normalt klädda, kom till avslutningen i heltäckande klädsel. Städbolaget konstaterade att de tre på grund av sin klädsel inte vara anställningsbara.
Jörgen Larsson är enhetschef på socialkontoret i Hammarkullen.
- Vi uppfattade att kvinnorna gjorde en klar markering, att de inte ville ha arbete, säger han. Självfallet ska man ha frihet att tro och klä sig hur man vill, men om man sätter upp ett hinder som gör att man inte är anställningsbar, har man då rätt till försörjningsstöd?

My translation:

A year ago SND Lärjedalen started a half year long course for ten Somali women with a concentration on hotel and housework related services. Eight women completed the course, which this spring was wound up with a meeting with a presumptive employeer, a cleaning company. The problem was only that three of the women, who during the course hade been completely normally dressed, came to the breaking-up dressed in completely covering clothing. The cleaning company stated that the three, due to their clothing, couldn't be employed.
Jörgen Larson is the unit director at the social welfare office in Hammarkullen.
-We understood it as the women made a clear statement, that they didn't want work, he says. Obviously you should be free to believe and dress how you want, but if you create a hindrance to employment, should you then be entitled to social welfare benefits?

Comment Re:To His Wife? (Score 1) 150

If I was goofing around looking at porn at work, to the point I got caught and lost my job. You bet I would owe my wife an apology.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate for your wife to owe YOU an apology in that case? I mean, why would you need to look at porn, if she really provided for your needs in that area?

Comment Re:What I care about (Score 1) 150

Actually the workplace is a neutral environment where men and women with varying moral attitudes have to work together and so you shouldn't browse porn at work even on your own devices.

Is it ok according to you to wear religious insignia, such as a cross formed necklace, to work?

Comment Re:Interesting premise, but flawed arguments (Score 1) 118

You can't drink the water in the USA without getting horribly sick. Go out into the woods and drink some spring water. You're at risk of getting some nasty bacteria.

The water where in USA, which is a rather large and diverse country? And at how big of a risk?

I'm not afraid to drink unpurified water from streams in the woods here in Sweden (and no, I don't include the stream in the wood next to the local petrochemical industry in that), and have managed to do it for over 30 years without getting noticeably sick from it, as have many others.

On the other hand, I can't breathe the air here in Sweden without getting nasty viruses, as my current common cold, and the many similar ones I've had before it, clearly shows. But I still don't have any plans to start breathing my daily air through a filtered mask or from a tank.

Risk vs. reward...

Comment Re:Hahahahahaha (Score 1) 350

If one wants decent audio quality (not "audiophile" but better than on-board), what's a good, Linux-friendly alternative?

I don't know if this is too expensive for you, but I bought a NuForce uDAC a month ago. It works perfectly in Ubuntu 10.04, it' very convenient and robustly built, it sounds great with my Sennheiser HD 600s headphones, and it can also be connected to a bigger amplifier to drive ordinary speakers.

The model I have:

A newer version of the same:

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