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Comment Re:Nuclear zealots are idiots (Score -1) 436

Please read this link as to efficiency of nuke plants in terms of thermodynamics:
      "Current nuclear power plants operate below the temperatures and pressures that coal-fired plants do. This limits their thermodynamic efficiency to 30–32%. "

Also when I said boil water I am using Nuke industry terminology. You are the zealot I assume u are familiar with the terminology.

I looked at Time Cube and I immediately stopped reading it, I assume it is similar to the dangers of di-hydrogen monoxide.

"Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor."

Comment Nuclear zealots are idiots (Score -1) 436

A nuclear power plant will never be safe because of greed. Fusion is the techno that will be available in 50 years. THEN in 50 years it will be available in 50 years ans so on ad nauseum. If the gobernemt did not subsidize Nuke energy it could not exist. No insurance company will insure a nuke plant. QED Nuke plants should not be built. No matter what new tech is invented there will also be the unexpected. What about the spent fuel? Who pays to store and clean that up. In short NUKE plants is a NO GO ! NOTE: Most if not all nuke plants are not efficiently in terms of thermodynamics that is the carnot cycle as opposed to modern coal plants. I think modern electric plants use steam to extract more electricity. Nuke plants just boil water which is less efficient. The only reason that nuke plants are built this way is because uranium is cheap.

Comment contracts my arse (Score -1) 415

And? You have no bargaining power! Most people are sheep. For example in NJ you have to give 2 months deposit for a lease as opposed to NYC's 1 month. I guess I could move to NYC and get 1 month in a lease. Sure I can say strike that from the lease and their response will be go strike the sidewalk.
Landlords have a lobby group and change laws at their whim via political contributions and lobbying. Renters do not have such an option because they do not have a profit motive and the American mentality as evidenced by people driving SUVs is that everyone is basically out for themselves. We have no national health system and never will. If we do have one it will be a ridiculous implementation which only helps drug companies, drs, etc. as evidenced by Obrama care. Our medical care is one of the worst in the world as measured by band for the buck.
Yeah right stike that from the contract. Fat chance.

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