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Comment Re:Do not go out for this show in North America (Score 1) 87

It's important to stress that this is a 33 year cycle meteor shower. I wasn't around for 1966 but the 1998 shower was probably the biggest of meteor shower of my lifetime (since 1980) thus far. As a poster above suggested I just invited a few college friends and went to the remotest part of KY we could get to by a lake, built a fire (let it die down to avoid light pollution) and waited. We counted around 350 meteors that night in a little over 3 hours with 5 or so spectacular fire balls. It's a night none of us will forget any time soon.

Comment Re:A Change is as Good as a Rest (Score 1) 783

That's quite an inspiring post for me (not that I hadn't thought of doing just that already, it's awesome to hear from those who have done it). As an IT guy who's only been at it for 5 years I'm already starting to see that my previous dream of just finding any local job and keeping it is a little small.. It's a global economy now anyway right? Why shouldn't more of us scrap this American dream thing, travel the world and help out where we're needed. Besides staying here is just padding more wealthy peoples pockets, whether mine or the stockholders, either way it's less beneficial for those who need it most. I'd like to stick with IT, but I'm curious particularly about India, and wondering if any native Westerners have been reassigned there or moved there at will and what your thoughts/experiences concerning your job experience?

Comment Re:Energy prices are unstable (Score 1) 541

This is fairly unscientific, but having owned a general coal index fund for the past year I've seen a direct relationship between the price of oil and coal. When I go to the gas pump if the price of gas is up it tends to mean that my coal investment will be up by the same percentage. Electricity prices will go up when peak oil becomes more obvious. Energy is energy, and we humans are pretty creative at using all our nonrenewable resources. If that means using coal instead of oil to power our cars then it will happen if need be.

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