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Comment Re:Open Source Government - Daily Voting... (Score 1) 467

No it's no troll. Sorry the website sucks. It's more of a place to put down ideas for improving the system for people to read. It's not meant to be the napster for poll websites, just to help brainstorm for one. I wouldn't know how to secure such a system so no WAY I'm qualified. But I like the idea of Linux ideals porting to our broken govt systems. Downvoting bad laws before they are snuck in SHOULD be electronic. Downvoting the HST (unsuccessfully) up here in Canada is still paper and pen.... Napster, Limewire, uTorrent, Facebook, digg, Slashdot, Craigslist, all KINDS of cool shit yet our "leeders" can't get it together on a website? not even /b/? missed that part. I'm not saying everyone has the time to go and vote but we sure got time to check our email every day. Also, like Linux stuff I've no clue about, those that know take care of those who don't (and make fun of them a bit too, it's alright, hahaha) Slashdot is nice like that. Love to see replies of replies on a political website. Combine (agree/disagree on all comments) along with Slashdot for it's intelligent reader base and those "who know" correcting us ignorant folks. I just want iVote easy enough for grandma to use, Pie charts and all! :D

Comment Open Source Government - Daily Voting... (Score 2, Funny) 467

hey guys, Been stuck on the past few months. Anyways I feel that daily voting can fix lots of this. I am wondering if an open source software system could be made. -anon voting while preventing double voters (craigslist email style, only system knows yer identity) -330 million Americans, 30 million Canadians, 60 million UK residents, all downvoting "RIAAtarded" laws no one wanted in the first place Hoping "iVote" will take the lead someday. If voting is so important every 5 years why do we not do it everyday? With secure voting systems the military would use to protect THEIR systems (heard they run varities of Linux b/c Windows is too insecure) My big question is can this even be done? You guys are the smart ones on here. I await the idea of online 24/7 voting on some website to be cut up and reverse engeneered for the betterment of man. :P I just thought the ideals of Linux could port over to our corrupt government, easily bought. They should ref the game, not give home team advantage.... Anyways I felt enough about this issue to buy up: Just a place to rant and save ideas about the possibility of voting each day like e-mail of facebook. Thanks for reading. :) FreeSCV

Comment Re: save the world (Score 1) 301

It's happening, slowly though. Enjoy: Sure as he'll worked for Linux! :) I'm pushing for daily voting. Doing the best this garbage man "can" :) Would love some critique e-mails, links to add, etc. I thought corporate law could be battled with 330 million American votes saying no to copywrong and intellictual poverty. It's the best chance a Canadian has b/c our laws are imported under threat of trade sanctions from down south!

Comment And in this corner, weighing in /w only 5 members (Score 1) 268

Well we'll have OUR OWN MEETINGS, /w black jack, and hookers!

Seriously tho, "Who is representing the consumer's interests?" is the exact reason I logged in and am gonna get 4 hours of glorious sleep tonight. :D

I love when I can't HELP logging in b/c of great posts like this. Ya, they cheat to steal votes, they buy whomever wins who didn't cheat. They exclusively listen to lobbyists and corps over their own people.

I believe it's fair these guys get THEIR shot. Their voices heard. It's the exclusiveness that bothers me. bothered me enough to shell out 15 bucks in tribute to Linux and Open Source code:

Just a garbageman who's got a dream. That one day all men's voices will be heard equally. That we will have a vote on EVERY decision THEY get a vote on as 7 billion humans on earth, without color of skin, without nationality, without rich stealing 99% of the vote for the win, every time.

I'm advocating for daily voting, transparency in government, and talk about what people'd vote for WHEN we get a vote.

Voting every 5 years? People still DO THAT? WHY? We both know your vote will be bought 3 days after elections. That's our problem here, it's not Hollywood's fault as another pointed out, it's our govt not being biased for these corps.

Jobs, how small of them to think of that. They'll STILL have work, people will still visit movie theatres. It's basically a tax for putting your stuff public.

Anyways, even if it WAS theft (which it's not, it's copying files) I'd LOVE to see 330,000,000+ people's vote (Mexicans should get a vote too damnit! :P)

Love to see how many wouldn't really CARE that these greedy companies lose money to personal downloads. I bet it's over 50%.

They can have private meetings that all the cool kids aren't allowed to go to. Those cool kids (and all the people sue'd or angry at the industry for it's criminal practices) will be pushed to the enemy camp of freedom, democracy, and P2P file sharing.

Site's been up for 2 weeks, it's getting about 50 hits/day, seen it viewed in the following countries so far:
United Kingdom
& China

Now everyone planet wide is getting squashed atm. I don't claim to have a daily voting machine btw, just pushing for one, would love it in open source, somehow online and locked out from double voting, white hats guarding it, black hats attacking it's enemies world wide, and more powerful with people's stats/voting power then any one government.

Well I never got the html skills down nor can I code, I just know Firefox was great for browsing.
Then I found Ubuntu Linux and LOVED IT! (live add/remove programs ROCKS, so does banshee music player) the next step of "what's important to me???" seemed to be Open Source Government

Love some advise, comments sure would make the site better (my own sandbox no one plays in yet. lmao). I'm also not sure of all the awesome aps or plugins osg COULD have (not even "my" site so much as ANY 3rd part that's NOT the US govt running it, you know, people who still have credibility and public trust)

Soon as someone actually makes it I'll be RIGHT THERE to link to it! :D

Free SCV

Comment Re:too late to do anything about it... (Score 1, Interesting) 184

Enjoyed your post but the damage being done by corps vs regular people who want to enjoy digital tv, not from cable but from Internet and are being criminalized for it WILL be fixed, one day... I bought in hope of finding what hats to help make a daily voting machine online. To reform old bills (fix the damage), to vote on PROPOSED laws (online, all openly /w comments and shit, like slashdot for politics, they inspire me them /. guys) Best 15 bucks I spent. Puts my tribute and appreciation for Linux and Open Source code. I just wonder when the port to government will happen? 30 million Canadians (30,000,000+) 330 million Americans (330,000,000+) 60 million UK Residents (60,000,000+) 21 million Australia People (21,000,000+) Totaling roughly 441,000,000+ people. ALL being controlled by, what, 500 media guys? Even if it IS theft (it's not) it's every day use for most "normal" people online. Criminalizing everyone just further proves how corrupt our Government currently is. Time for an upgrade! Open Source Government! :D

Comment Re:Pirates == terrorists? (Score 0) 80

"Our foreign policy?" You mean the laws bought by lobbyists and mega corps, say 500 in America, TOTAL while the 330,000,000 people go on thinking one vote every 5 years is alright instead of daily voting. You don't happen to know how to build a daily, open source voting machine online secure enough for general stats do you? :D FreeSCV

Comment Re:Wow, (Score 0) 1079

...and it's not even the populations voting it in! American PEOPLE are fine, it's their corrupt briefcase filled Senate that's causing the problems. We need daily voting by the civilians, open source the whole damn thing (politics should be online, sad when Slashdot is my ONLY trusted news source, cbc deletes my views, least they are only buried here) Sure as hell worked for Linux!

Comment Re:Charges??? Open Source the Government! (Score 0, Offtopic) 1079

I believe it's nearly time to upgrade our old outdated operating system controlling our laws when we ourselves can't vote each day, like checking e-mail on whatever's current, old outdated laws and reform them, and of COURSE future laws as 360,000,000 North Americans (330 America, 30 Canada, keep it simple. :D)

I'm just a garbageman but Love Firefox for web browsing.

Then I loved Ubuntu Linux for an operating system.

Just figured the next step along the path of:

What's important to me?

I could give a shit about a vote every 5 years, most likely rigged, and once in WHOEVER it is, even the "good ones" are most likely given 2 choices, briefcase full of money, and, well, you don't want THE OTHER ONE. ;)

So in tribute to Linux I made a crappy website,

I'm not sure it could handle slashdotting but I think the cause is just. I've posted it on torrent freak, , cbc (deleted or buried in oblivion of other people, ALL SCREAMING AT YOU, WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN??? DAMNIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH


So ya, the very laws we obide by are in no control over. It's messed up with all this Internet we don't got an organized government to do daily online polls. Surely there are white hats up to the challenge (and black hats to cause troubles. :D, i'm sure everyone'd still get paid, lmao, point is everyone then "has a say" on a national website, federal white hat guys. I don't even KNOW, I just know Firefox and Ubuntu ROCKED.

Ubuntu's got a live add remove programs for God's sake! The swarm is the most powerful. More then anything. Even p2p can't be shut down even if the guys buying the laws say it's illegal.

So I spent 15 bucks and thought the idea was great. Rather pick Open Source distros then politicians . The ground rules should be set like Linux stuff is. You guys will get it (if anyone has, it's been a crappy website for so long and a buddy helped me get a blogging feature so I can rant in a corner of the Internet)

Far as building a voting site, don't think "I'd" be able to. I'll sure as hell link to it if one get's built.

Closet things I found in my quest were: - American one, just liked the voting, just kinda wish a 3rd party does it, like, "here, were not rigging those electronic numbers". Protect a country militarily but the management needs an upgrade. Doing all THEY can in a restrictive environment. Imagine the 1 GOOD congressman pretending to be bad just to TRY and help their country? (or maybe they are all good and just fighting each other instead of the issues) - UK based, they fix road problems or organized a nice "email your politician" thing.

Granted I'm a complete idiot who shouldn't even vote, I'm pretty ignorant to current politics b/c of lack of faith. No public trust from me. Enhancing people's lives instead of beating them down would be a GREAT start.

Kinda like sending out an email to get Google doing real tv. They are big enough to make it happen and I just want some smart dude to make the ir remote work as standard on websites. :) Anyways trying to get them doing it b/c they COULD and maybe make ad money, voip the cable tv market even. I just want things done by people willing to exploit me for money. Here's my 200 bucks/month, where's my fiber optic options? I'm alright /w being a slave. It's cool. Just pimp my slavery already.

Any way to port Linux to our govt? Format whatever junk was on the drive, install, reboot (once, ever, :D). I'm sure all KINDS of awesome ideas could be done. I'd like to at least link to em.

Yahoo Answers, the 2 that replied both said no. Wouldn't work for "our" govt. (like I'm American or something. LMAO.) It was funny though. I'm cool with our fellow Canadians getting this upgrade first, test project on 30 million people.
Gotta love Yahoo Answers. Least you guys will tell me straight. Is that a possible upgrade?

America'd then get it copied over on some damn p2p internet thing. But like Starcraft, Thank God I was Windows. (and where's the gaming for Linux, anyone got links? damn Ubunutu noobs, :P)

Alright, I just came in here to check my email and shit. Got me all on a rant. I DID wanna post it on Slashdot ONE DAY. Hard to be on topic and not whatever my limited frame sees online. Got all kinds of greta people wanting to give me money already though. Just gotta email them back my details and they said I'm set. Also the lottery has gone up! I'm winning shit I don't remember ordering! It's kinda fun getting 10-20 emails/day of absolute junk! :D Well that's mine. Also, love any help you guys could do. My buddy says more pictures! Made a picture page but it's some online system and im clueless. ah well. best 15 bucks on a domain i ever spent (to date).

I'd better check my replies here b/c goodbye website in 3,2,1... =D

Comment Re:Original Intent, Time for OSG :D (Score 1) 227 1/2 way down the page before someone said something worth logging in to talk about. Like I agree with people who got there first but this one was worth the login time. reddit and are the same. Don't always log in and often just read stuff.
This copywrong industry sure needs it's head smashed in though. The best idea I could come up with is that our government, bought and paid for by lobbyists, needs a MAJOR reform (non violent, just better political parties). I went out and bought in hopes that the ideal of Open Source Government takes hold and becomes the majority party, worldwide, in every free nation.
The site sucks atm but I work on it each day in hopes it'll get a bit better and of course just to park the idea that since it worked so well for Linux vs Microsoft in computer land, FILLED with corruption and "need to know security" instead of "lets share this code /w everyone to hunt out flaws in it to REALLY be secure.
Well I can't think of a better thing to secure then the hard working people of North America's vote. Every 5 years is good, open source voting machines are a great step forward so the 2 past stolen terms are not repeated (like a Bush inoculation to prevent even worst presidents from stealing their way into office).
I'd rather see a Slashdot for politics, anyone who can reply and leave some links I can add to my pathetic website is appreciated. I'd love to see DAILY VOTES instead of every 5 years & 3 days after elections the lobbyists buy their new "leader's" opinions, stealing the vote from the 360,000,000 people in North America from, maaaaaaybe 500 people that have an interest depriving others instead of trying to cater to the populace.
So we'll take BACK our culture, it's a political thing in my eyes. ISP's can't do much, the power that has been given to the government is being abused and needs reform.
Love to see Open Source parties instead of Pirate Parties (but still support them, just crappy name, liking themselves to people who urder, rape and steal from the populace, nothing like the general population who just wants their tv shows online, in downloadable non drm formats.
So if any of you got an axe, bow or sword and want to waste some time I believe the battle for middle earth will be 2010 when they force countries into submission by FORCING ISP's to cancel your internet after 3 songs are downloaded (even though you pay 100 bucks.month for service and just want your shows in avi instead of on cable tv, f*ckers)
30,000 UK residents are already getting the first wave. I send my support their way for unjust, non elected laws being forced upon them by unelected officials. These front line men and women will be so pissed I hope they join the "enemy" camp of freedom, democracy, and fair use we all enjoy on the Internet.
I'll walk to Mordor, I just don't know the way. (where's a few good men /w axes, bows and swords when you NEED them? I need a f*cking bunch of Linux coder guys to admin my website /w me and rock some parliament! :D)
Don't just bitch and whine about the problems, TRY and find ways to counter it. Letter to congressmen (men, pfffft!) are pretty much useless when they are mostly bought by media guys. Pirate Bay went for parliament, so proud they were willing to "step up".
Just SICK of the abuses in govt w/o accountability nor transparency.

Comment Great progress, looking forward to more legit free (Score 1) 639

I just migrated over from Windows XP Pro to Ubuntu Linux and as a normal user I found it's bloat to be comforting and welcomed. I tried Ubuntu a few years back and it JUST had th live add/remove programs going but didn't have very many listed there. It's AWESOME now. Got snes going in no time w/o screwing around in code land.

Bloat to some is "everything just works" to others. Lean mean DOS style machine? That makes my brain hurt! I just wanna click and open programs.

Couldn't believe how easy and awesome burning cd's was. applications, add/remove, search cd burning, installed "cd/dvd creator" /w 1 click install, burned w/o needing to reboot after install, like I've died and gone to the computer after life.

I Can't really think of anything other then Starcraft and Diablo 2 I'd want to get on this. When I figure that out I'll be set.

Also, you guys are all smart, why does gaming and running .exe files not "just work" in Linux? I'd love to run .iso games like starcraft on this w/o much hassles/lines of code to deal with. Are there easy ways to get this done?

Other then gaming and lack of Direct X (can't the Linux community just "emulate direct x"???? Often wondered that also.

I found the virtual box program for running an iso cd image into an operating system INSIDE a Linux window. That's cool shit. No way to just skip NEEDING Windows and just run the exe in Linux is there?

Sorry for the multiple questions, you guys will prob fight (to the death) to jump on answering it.

...and for bonus points I'd LOVE to hear anything you guys got on "Open Source Government". If that would fly or not or any thoughts bout that. The idea that many hands can make policy SHOULD work well for government. Worked so well for the computer world defeating "evil Windows" I figured it'd work for defeating "evil America" and all it's profiting over people problems.

Don't wanna get TOO democratic on them tho. They've got enough problems trying to get Canada style health care while fighting lobbysts and profit over people bastards.

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