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Comment The Whales Vagina is locked cocked and ready (Score 1) 124

I've seen a ton of houses with a taped off fiber line sticking out of a pipe in the back yard. A decade or more ago.... WTF

The rhetoric of bandwidth bottlenecks are kinda moot when the 1beeeelionBaseT light pipe is being chewed on by rover....BAD DOG!!! I might need that some day to get my email....

Comment You may not believe it.... (Score 1) 620

I laugh at anyone thinking DOS is old. Our active production environment includes an amazing array of thing that should have been junked 20 years ago. We use HPUX, ATLAS and even older software. HP 9825 "computers" : HP 6940B multiprogrammers : HP 362 controllers : and yes no joke --> 8 in floppies -- Your gov't wastes an amazing amount of money maintaining this gear because software upgrades would cost a million and we "can't afford" that.

Comment Production and some side projects (Score 1) 266

We have a HD2x from airwolf3d. Phone cases and a phone holder that fits in my car cd slot were the initial tryout projects. Im gonna try drone parts next. I made some custom filament spool holders as we found 4 types and sizes of spools are all different. But its primary purpose is churning out art centerpieces for these. Hope the gf efforts can pay it off :)

Comment Wyoming Bashing ? (Score 2) 325

Most people don't understand the situation there. Least populated state in the Nation. Lots of oil there, but it ain't no Texas. I grew up there and my HS didn't even offer the SAT. We were lucky to be given the opportunity to take the ACT at all. Funding is thin, as it is for most school systems, and I believe that is the prime motivator.

The country bumpkin factor is high, and hicks don't have much need for dem confounded computers and such, the tractor ain't gonna drive itself! (You just wait Mr. Bumpkin, that tech is out there already.)

Keeping the population in state is a challenge, and I'm sure the powers that be aren't keen on giving them tools to empower them to follow a CS path that automatically jumps them out of state. UW and LCCC (Laramie County Community College, widely known as Last Chance Country College) aren't well known for their tech programs.

Comment Increased effeciency?? basic math says: doubtful (Score 1) 296

Let's approach this from an electronics 101 perspective...

Corporate power costs aside, lets look at absolute power usage.

The AC/DC (charge car) and DC/AC (power building from car) conversion is inherently lossy which typically range from a baseline of 75% to an absolute best case scenario of up to 94%, so even with the best setup available (highly unlikely), a 6% loss in and 6% loss out would vastly overshadow a 2% gain. I'm skewing the numbers as far in thier favor as possible and still comes out to a 10% loss in power transfer alone.

Specific peak/offpeak pricing and length of time the office is powered, or the charge time of the cars is not shown, so calculation of the actual power (Kw/H) in and out is impossible due to a lack of information.

My take...yearly savings of $4800 (corporate power is about 1/10 residential power in my area, so $48000 to the average joe) doesn't jive with daily power cycling of six very expensive battery packs. Hope the warrantee covers it :)

The article doesn't specify the amount of time

Comment Meanwhile In Kalifornia.... (Score 1) 363

Current smart meters just run backwards when you generate power, no second meter or upgraded equipment is needed. They have it locked down out here, to the benefit of the 1% of course. Current regulations do not allow private home solar systems to sell excess power, your bill can go to zero and any excess is free bonus to the power company. :/ I'm surprised they don't impose a fee here to "offset" the cost of accounting for and distributing that excess. :)

Comment Re:Helium Leaks (Score 1) 297

Helium is a signficantly smaller molecule. I'm familiar due to experience with pressure calibration. Even with best efforts at sealing a system, leaks are all but impossible to prevent. Ambient pressure inside the drive would reduce leeching, but even differentials caused by atmospheric condidtions is going to make swings that will invariably change the internal mix. As noted in other comments, 5 year warrantee, and few things are designed to last more that a year or two these days anyway. What's your reasonble expectation of life of anything you buy these days? I said reasonable, not preferable.

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