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Comment Quite Useful (Score 5, Interesting) 44

While many people's first reaction might be that this is just a silly proof of concept, I can say from personal experience that it will actually be quite useful. I set up a Chromebox for my folks (got sick of providing Windows support). When my mom plugged in a USB drive with a short video, it wouldn't play without first being saved to Google Drive to be reencoded. Hopefully having a VLC app will fix the problem of ChromeOS only natively supporting a limited number of codecs.

Comment Re:Well there's the problem... (Score 2) 201

But Uber is available in New York and the number of Uber drivers isn't regulated. I haven't heard anyone complain about the additional cars. If the extra cars are an issue, then simply implement congestion pricing, an option that was not available when the medallion system was invented. Since an Uber car doesn't congest the streets any more than any other car, why treat them differently?

Comment Why is this Google's Responsibility? (Score 2) 57

If the EU wants to mandate that certain URLs never get indexed, then why doesn't it simply handle the requests itself and then publish a list of URLs that are allowed to exist, but must never be indexed in a search engine? That way Google gets out of the business of making these crazy value judgements and the Europeans can have perfect transparency. Unfortunately, I don't see the Europeans going for this as makes them look like an authoritarian regime.

Comment Scheme-Great way to learn function programming (Score 2) 42

Never done anything substantial in Scheme, but was probably my favorite language to learn in college, in the context of a function programming course. I did not know there as a GNU interpreter. Will have to check it out. Speaking of functional languages, someone told me that the XKCD website is programmed entirely in Haskell. True?

Comment Pricing (Score 1) 93

Think it is likely to remain too pricey for now. Too many price-insensitive business travelers willing to pay *any* price with the corporate credit card. Maybe the airlines can make it up on volume at a lower price point or figure out how to tier it properly, but seems like a good deal they have going now.

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