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Comment Re:I for one Don't welcome... (Score 1) 130

It's just an expression. :) Re-reading what I posted, I can see how it can misconstrued though. Even though we are discussing the 'Chinese' as a nation where the legal dispute took place, some subconsciously read the 'Chinese' as all people who share a genetic link with the region. So to clarify, I distinctly mean the nation. It does have me thinking though, if I replaced Chinese with American, would it be misconstrued in the same way? I'm guessing not. Funny how that works.

Also, I may be back to welcoming our new overlords again. I hear they are some mighty fine island builders. (and by 'they' I again mean the nation...don't want you to confused my 'tone' again)

Comment Re:I for one... (Score 2) 49

I agree. I had the same thought the other day thinking about Netflix and how I like their original programming. What if they became the only game in town? Would they continue to be good after they had a controlling market share?

Our only healthy choice is to make sure there are many players and many choices.

(except if we have an 'overlord', then of course I was always with them.... :P)

Comment Lawsuit will end in stiffer penalty for others (Score 1) 318

The guy should be thankful to be alive given his actions. I suspect his lawsuit will end in stricter penalties being imposed on any future visitors to the area. Turn it into a full blow felony for even loitering in the area.

That said, doesn't this show a major security weakness at the plant? How far are these holding ponds from the reactors? Scary.

Comment Surprised as a resident (Score 1) 265

I hadn't read anything on this in the local press or seen anything on the news. I guess its time for me to do some reading! It wouldn't surprise me though since its big fine illegal to own an old out dated slot machine in my state. Just imagine if one of those one armed bandits were to get in the hands of the wrong people! (or scientists and engineers)

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