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Submission + - SPAM: New possible explanation for the 'impossible' RF resonant cavity thruster

jkechel writes: The thrust produced by the RF resonant cavity thruster is due to a specific arrangement of magnetic and electric alternating fields.
The basics of this theory (*1) rely on charged particles near the thruster, an thus does not believe in 'reactionless' behaviour but give an explanation that requires charged particles near the thruster that are accelerated.

The mode of operation is described as follows:

1. alternating electric-fields make charged particles to swing
2. lighter particles like electrons swing at higher veolicities than heavier particles like protons
3. another alternating magnetic field (at the same frequency) results in a lorentz-force that always accelerates the swinging particles into the same direction
4. as heavier particles swing at lower velocities, the overall force / acceleration into one direction is greater than the other as the lorentz-force depends on velocity

The referenced description also includes a free Particle Simulator on GitHub (*2) to simulate the effect yourself.
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*2: [spam URL stripped]...

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Submission + - 11 Predictions for the Future of Programming

snydeq writes: InfoWorld's Peter Wayner takes a long-term view of today's trends in programming to give a sense of where programmers should place their career bets in the years ahead. 'Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to take stock of the technological changes ahead, if only to help you know where to place your bets in building programming skills for the future. From the increasing security headache of the internet of things to machine learning everywhere, the future of programming keeps getting harder to predict.' How do you see technologies impacting the work of programming in the years ahead?

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