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Comment Re:Microsoft and Bill Gates (Score 1) 577

The urge to discover a primary interaction placing the president at the center of anti American logorrhea , the president as an avatar replete with followers who adopt the nomenclature of theological hierarchies , deacons , acolytes , clerics , the messiah etc, etc, was so adorable five years ago . Along with the durable , True Scotsman , the emotional distortion brought about by our current president is either frightening , in the application of poorly disguised hate that manifests itself within a terrariums broad variation , in the frequently , to ad infinitum , repudiated verbatim memes , or just garden variety disgusting self indulgence . It has passed from a besotted love of conspiracy into the region of shock and brutality by weight of liturgical regurgitation , inference by the pound has become a wholesale by the ton .

The passion to represent the , "No Drama Obama" as some sort of febrile clutching desperado through the professional efforts of a congressman for whom the reality of the double standard is manifested in his love of arson and grand theft auto , while smugly pursuing cockamamy pipe dreams to the neglect of those who consent to the rule of government looking for collaboration with officials thinking with the big head , not this tone deaf , heartless party before country crowd . Officials who put two wars on the national credit card after dissolving the biggest surplus in living memory for political power .
These woodpeckering metronomes beating their heads against the unfortunate , for them , facts which despite being readily evident , our southern Californian solon wishes to hold secret committee hearings to ratchet up an angst amongst more of the public than those of the same reliable forces behind the lowest public acceptability of Congress ever measured before , during , and after .
Bengazi Bengazi Bengazi . The fact that every stripe of political group which requested tax free political diarrhea , including Tea Baggers , Progressives , etc , were tagged for inquiry . Never let the facts get on the way of the pure honest love found pounding the table with tall tales repudiated enough to teeter towards libel , or a thinly disguised hate . A cabal so preoccupied with the exercise of party power to the neglect of policy for the Nation they were elected to govern , feels just like cozying up with treason , palling around with the stupidity of walking then running into the same wall of repudiation .
The maligning of a political actor with the sneering cohorts who backed by the largest losing bets ever placed by billionaire fly by night political hit squads is just another venture in the endless cycling of gossipy conspiratorial nonsense that would make a Hearst journalist from the Spanish American war yellow journalism school of fraud lies and innuendo blush .
Peace .

Comment Re:A spokes person at the embassy was also quoted (Score 1) 270

Send that idea to either Colbert or Stewart it certainly is of the mileu . Even if only , me , myself , and I say so , bright and witty , with just the right touch of juvenile vulgarity to amuse our vast reserves of impatient vitriol .
Writing is hard work , pfff , you only have to read !

Comment Re:That is often not an option (Score 1) 576

If you are referring to requiring one method versus another you might employ a well known practice of measuring the atmospherics . The pressure provided by those who gain the most by keeping a workforce disorganised , ergo unprotected , are not hidden . They are entities like Walmart , who maintain a strict policy of no unions . In cases where they have been defeated they have removed or attempted to remove the facility that voted for a union , not for economic reasons .
The pressure is very real to the unprotected , non union worker . This can reveal itself as you have carefully described , the outcome changed by stall and delay "Secret" electioneering .
The strength of unions is in their membership and their solidarity , a preliminary vote to establish a union only guarantees the solidarity and the protection against the ad hoc tyranny of no cause decisions made possible in unprotected environments , like Walmart .
An ancient mechanism such as a democratic voice vote , or its like , may be as a true colour of the wishes of the body of workers as can be reasonably employed . Whereas the stall and delay has been shown to unleash all the brutish tactics that have become so common since the decline of the protected worker . Threats and intimidation are the first choice which can only gain ground given the stall and delay tactic of "Secret" balloting , which can see the kindly thugs who explain in detail how they hate what will happen to their nice little job if anything bad happens , i.e. , a union .
It is so common an understanding of the real events which "Colour" a reasoned decision which make a drop of the hat election a very important first step in avoiding the well known tactics of the post Andrew Carnegie method , that it causes a consideration that it is known but unhelpful in keeping the will of the workers suppressed .
Is that what you really want to be making common cause with ?

Comment Re:Mature (Score 1) 214

That may be your experience , it is not familiar one to me . I am much more familiar with red neck conservatives like the Thomas M. Finneran in "liberal" skins . His criminality was the sham of representing his business partners and ideology , while in office . Finnerans ideology ran counter clockwise to most of his words making him more of a mealy mouthed red neck conservative in "Liberal" skins . His blatant opposition to any but stiff necked conservative policy , sadly , suffocating the will of his community is legendary .
There is also a sort of urban myth that Massachusetts is a "Liberal" place passed on to rile the crazies that are attracted to the empty drum of right wing pieties .
Massachusetts is a middle of the road place where wackoes from the right sneak their poisonous nostrums with all the guile of a con man selling perpetual motion machines . From the Bulger crime family to 20 years of right wing nonsense from the corner office , Weld , Celluci , Swift , Romny . Calling the Massachusetts voters liberal is not a thoughtful way of realising just how things are here .
The only thing being shepherded in Massachusetts , or nannied , is right wing shinola . The problem is these authoritarian suckups have a much higher tolerance for lies , lying , and screaming wolf than the ordinary shlep . This means busy people don't make the necessary time to confine these right wing loonies , and their ilk . So they persuade the natural constituency of end timers , rapture seekers , and racist tea baggers , etc , along with cleaning up their act for just in time prime time . Then it is easy sneaking past those of us who should known better , giving us the worst of both worlds . The forty year jihad against thoughtful debate by screaming "Liberal" as an imprecation has led to the dumbing down of the electorate . The refusal of qualified folks to enter the cess pool of right wing corporate funded "grass roots" echo chambers excess , which is the devolved public square , has brought us quickly to the brink of disaster .
Nanny state , indeed .
For the wealthy a public teat that has seen the privitisation of much government service that has given us one quarter of the service for four times the cost , this is heaven . The hollowed core of government being the last assault left for the croney capitalists to monopolize the entire movement to destroy the quaint idea of government of the people , by the people , and for the people . By using the tired old scapegoat of "Liberals" to funnel public money to private individuals by crying wolf about nanny this and nanny that . The aim is no regulatory authority outside of the folks saying , sorry that number is no longer in use . Any thought of bringing attention to bear on the multiple crimes of neglect , fraud , nepotism , and much worse as the culmination of monopolising the former power of the state into a final ponzi scheme stripping participation of the public in public affairs is growing very dim . The attempt to eliminate the last restraint on the accretion of power to the wealthy is on its way and the forty year joke at the expense of "Liberals" will finally be spent . Soon we can start to rightfully hate the scheming right wing plutocrats whose croney capitalism seeking to monopolise every facet of wealth and power will be the new hate , the new so called "Liberals" .
Sigh ...

Comment Re:Proof that being more open = more sales (Score 1) 668

At an earlier point it was possible to purchase an unsubsidised iPhone . The unsubsidised price was right in line with the Evo 4g's current price . I think I recall it being Seven Hundred bucks . If memory serves you could accept the iPhone deal , then drop the service for a penalty of around six hundred bucks . That brings it right up to eight , nine hundred dollar bump with your original costs (I think I am reasonably close to the correct amount) .
I hope Evo 4g is a great phone deal . I was responding to your optimism while contrasting that with the only price I could find for it . I am not speculating , or able to compare these products other than they seem comparable . More phone than I need , my wife is interested though .

Comment Re:SpaceX to the rescue (Score 1) 73

The sooner NASA is privatized the better. There really is very little the government does without colossal waste involved. Give space exploration and colonization a true profit motive in a free market and we'll be on Mars in a decade.

Do you also believe that the only way to raise revenues is to cut taxes ?


Comment Re:"Committed Suicide?" (Score 1) 538

Lauren Bacall relates that the last night she spent with her husband , that his most telling phrase was

"I hope I never spend another night like that"

My mother who said very little made a comment

"I just want to die"

Unfortunately , my poor mother passed only after enduring two more days of silent agony

I suspect it is , for those of us who love a suffering person , easier to rationalise a purpose despite the overwhelming simplicity of the moment .
The pity will soon be ours , handed to us by our own creative rationale .

Comment Re:Poetic justice (Score 1) 88

[IJ Reilly macrumors 603 Join Date: Jul 2002 Location: Palookaville The $150 million investment was a part of the settlement of a long-running patent dispute between Apple and Microsoft. It's not really known for certain when or even if Microsoft sold the shares, but it seems likely that they divested them at their earliest opportunity. The $4 billion figure was I believe roughly Apple's market capitalization in 1997. They had about $1.2 billion cash on hand at the time.] - I was under the impression that MS had mistaken Quicktime as a Redmond product , which caused bits of concern in Cupertino . I was further under the impression that the non voting stock purchased by MS was sold back to Apple when it was agreeable to Apple to do so .-

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