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Comment Re:The real benchmark (Score 1) 781

Nobody gives a fuck about Linux because Linux doesn't have a unified billion dollar marketing campaign behind it

Than I suggest to stop portraying shite like Ubuntu as a contender to Vista/7. An honest benchmark would be Ubuntu vs. Windows 3.11 - the hardware support and usability are on par for those two.

Comment The real benchmark (Score 0, Flamebait) 781

Contender 1 - Ubuntu: free & praised to heaven
Contender 2 - Windows: costs money & pure evil, pure shite

We now release them on the market and see what happens...

Oh my Gawd, nobody gives a fuck about Ubuntu. How can this be?

Answer: nobody gives a bleeding arse.

Maybe next time you can compare the Ubuntu install disk with a print of the Holy Bible and conclude that size and weight doesn't seem to play a role.

Call me flamebait/troll all you want, Ubuntu is the biggest waste of resources ever. The delusion is staggering.

Comment I for one ... (Score 0, Troll) 439

... am waiting for a Chrome checkbox in the toolbar that automatically removes all the wikipedia entries from a google search.

... while editing Wikipedia requires fighting bureaucracy, patience and the right contacts?

Ehr, that's pretty much what it is now.

In the beginning I had to much trust in wiki content, this was corrected after reading some reviews and case studies. Today I simply ignore the whole site because I'm not interested in wasting my time to dig out the references.

In the end, when you need the data, you just end up checking Britannica.

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