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Comment Re:PHP 7 is faster than HHVM (Score 1) 39

Hi, I'm, on FB's HHVM open source team, and primary author of

Optimizing: have you tried using hhbc/repo-auth-mode? This can gets you tens of percents, though isn't compatible with all code. Additionally, are you excluding JIT warm-up time?

Standard disclaimer: we are not faster at everyone's code. In particular, PHP tends to be faster if you have a load of code just in files, but not in functions/methods.

Comment Re:Facebook (Score 1) 39

Hi, I'm and I work on Facebook's HHVM Open-Source team*.
  • - we're open source (under the same licences as PHP itself). If we start showing ads, delete the code. If we stop being open source, fork it with the help of the other major companies using it
  • - same story for trying to move extensions to a "full" version
  • - HHVM gets us more from the benefits of open source (contributions, recruiting, new hires being familiar with our code, etc) than we could reasonably expect to get by selling it

* my job, and the job of the rest of the team, is to make HHVM better for people who aren't Facebook (Wikipedia, Baidu, Etsy, and everyone else who uses it). Facebook pays us full-time for this.

Comment No, I didn't. (Score 5, Insightful) 164


I'm in the ChangeLog/copyright notices where appropriate. All my published work on Slamd64 is free software; I don't care what's done as long as the licenses are followed.

This is probably a good time to say why I made slamd64 again:

I wanted a 64-bit Slackware. I didn't want to be a distro lead, or anything like that. I like Slackware, and I needed a 64-bit distro. I made it for my own use, and uploaded it in case anyone else wanted to use it. Now there's a 64-bit Slackware, that reason's gone.

Slamd64 will be continued in some form for the foreseeable future, but possibly as something slightly different.

A true Slackware64 is better for you too:

  • Security updates shouldn't lag behind "real" Slackware
  • you won't miss out on nearly two months of security updates (like you are right now) due to tendon issues on my part

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