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Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 1) 103

I am not just talking about the CPU. Other chips (RAM, flash) are not smaller on the iPhone.
The iPhone SE is cheaper, but that's because, as I said, the cellular version of the iPad is overpriced. The cellular radio can't be worth $130 since you can get cheap smartphones at this price. The ability to make phone calls doesn't add any hardware cost since their is already a microphone and speaker.

Comment Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 3, Insightful) 103

It amazes me that they can offer the iPad for so cheap compared to the iPhone. Most components are the same, but the display and battery (probably the two most expensive components) must be much more expensive on the tablet, because of the size.

We can thank carrier subsidies. A lot of people buy phones they can't afford because of that. I doubt they would be going to the bank to get a loan if it wasn't offered by the carrier.

Comment Re:Instant messaging is architecturally backward.. (Score 1) 160

I do use Google Voice but it's not without flaws.
One of my relative was mad at me when she saw her phone bill after having exchanged a few SMS with me. Turned out she was billed for every message sent (internationally) to my Google Voice number since it's not available in my country and I have a US number (I needed a VPN just to register).

Short story, no, SMS is not a solution, despite patches such as Google Voice.
Signal doesn't even work on PCs so it's completely useless. And no, don't tell me you can install an Android emulator on your PC to get Signal running.

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 151

I doubt it changed that much. Torrents are still there and young people even started "streaming" (they often don't even understand they are pirating) TV shows and movies, this was clearly not possible 20 years ago (it was technically possible, but bandwidth was worth more so not a lot of people wanted to saturate their connection only for some random pirates to be able to watch a show).

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 151

What are those expectations based on?

We expect young people with less money to pirate more. Some slashdotters said young people no longer read books, that may be an explanation.

And having a penny would make me the richest person on Mars. A subsistence farmer with little or no income could have a better quality of life than someone making $60,000 per year in San Francisco. Having more money means squat if the cost of living is higher; location matters.

Put it the way you want, I don't think a lot of people earning $60k in San Francisco are looking to move to Congo to do subsistence farming. I'm sure a lot of subsistence farmers from Congo would be glad to be allowed to move to San Francisco, a $60k job would only be a bonus. You may not know Congo very well but I'll give you a hint: the subsistence farmer doesn't complain about his cell phone data cap or the taste of his starbuck.

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 151

Except I am not talking about Haiti and such but the world average. And I even said you could compare to the average of developed countries.

With $60k+, we are part of the rich, like it or not. The 1% is not people with private jets and huge mansions. That's the 0.0001%, and I am probably forgetting some 0's. The 1% is us, people with good jobs in developed countries.

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