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Comment Re:The Answer Comes Around 1am (Score 2) 283

Women should consider the ability to hold a job and contribute to their total family as a "Battle Win".

Then they should look at their long-term ability to have children and raise them well as a "Winning the War."

Apart from the short period relative to childbirth (possibly longer if you include breastfeeding), why should it be any different for men an women? I mean for the years 1 to 18+ of raising a child?

Comment Re:Literally in the Summary (Score 1) 283

This is why in civilized societies parental leaves are collectively paid and not directly paid by the employer of the person taking the leave. Why should employers with a 80% female workforce get the burden for the whole society?

The problem is not that they leave and do not come back. They didn't steal that money. Just like I don't steal my employer when I go on vacation, I earned it. And I am free to quit right after my vacation if I want to, in fact, a lot of people do that.

Comment Re:boo. (Score 1) 158

Regarding that particular drug it seems it is much cheaper outside the US, and this seem to be the rule not the exception.

But to answer your question, it must depends on countries but I doubt any country would offer a $1 billion/pill drug to its citizens even if proved effective.
Drugs are covered by patents, the only reason why they can't be cloned and sold at lower price. These patents last for a few years so in the worst case the drug won't be offered for that period. But sometimes I guess it's cheaper to pay the full price for a drug than to develop a generic clone especially if very few people needs it.

Comment Re:boo. (Score 4, Insightful) 158

The government is also free not to cover your product, and can negotiate a better deal with your competitor.
All other developed countries have a public health care system and it works just fine, they end up spending less on health care than the US with its private system, and the population is generally in better health condition.

Comment Re:Engineer as a job title illegal too? (Score 2) 730

Yes, you would be illegal. It's the same in my province and they actually enforce it.

Big lawyers? Microsoft also had big lawyers and they lost.

They updated their web site and now use the term Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) instead of Engineer.

Comment Nothing to do with free speech (Score 1) 730

Just like entering a subway station and yelling "I have a bomb" has nothing to do with free speech. You will and SHOULD be arrested.
In both cases, you are committing something illegal (although only one is criminal). Oregon is free to reserve the title engineer to licensed engineers. This is not a free speech violation.

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