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Comment Driver Error (Score 0, Flamebait) 776


If people were too stupid to just put car on neutral or turn off the car then I think they should learn more at driving a car. These people may be some danger on the road.

Most car are front wheel drive car. In such a case, if someone was hitting hard on the brake then you should be able to lock rear wheel. If so, then you should be able to see marks on the ground !

For me, all this story is a Driver Error !


Submission + - 6 disabled antivirus in few minutes (

frecky writes: A minute and fifty-six seconds. This is the time it took for two security experts to disable Mc Afee, general widely used antivirusy. Norton, heavyweight in the sector, has not done much better: it took four minutes. G-Data antivirus considered reliable because of its dual analysis engine, has survived five minutes. AVG, NOD32 and Kaspersky
arn't better, with fifteen to forty minutes of heroic resistance. The competition was held under the iAWACS Congress, organized by the Graduate School of Computer Science Auto Electronic (École supérieure d'informatique électronique automatique) (ESIEA), in Laval (France).

Comment HOST FILE !!! (Score 1) 381

Come on... -Go to Google & Search for Host file -Click on second link & download host file -install that -VOILA no more ads, virus etc. ! Page that contains ads are WAY faster to load. And you know what? It works on ANY browser !

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