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Comment Re:Who has run into this? (Score 1) 128

Now that you mention it, I did get extra scrutiny when I traveled alone...questions like 'Are you carrying more than $10k?' or 'Do you have a $15k engagement ring for her?'. I was like, 'Dude, I've only met her in real life twice'...lol. I do have a beard but it ranks most trustworthy on the trustworthiness of beards chart. I bet if I did a Hitler mustache and cross alone, I'd get sent to secondary screening...lol.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 1) 95

An engineer would rather be working on projects of their own choosing. If I had the financial security, I would quit my job and venture off into my own projects that may or may not make money some day. I wouldn't need to make what someone else want's me to make just to pay the bills.

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