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Comment Re:Tax (Score 4, Interesting) 539

The concept that 'religion' and 'religious organizations' pay no tax is a fallacy. The pastor and employees still must pay income taxes, that is not exempt. Most people that go out and purchase stuff for a church pay sales tax unless they are carrying the tax exempt form...and it's a pain in the rear to do it for online purchases. The biggest savings is property tax, and many churches would never survive if they had to pay property tax

Comment That's funny (Score 3, Interesting) 65

The fact that they allow users to download old versions of TeamViewer is 1/2 the problem. I entertained a call from someone who was likely Pakistani that asked me to install an old version of TeamViewer from their website. Though I got on Linux and tried to follow their instructions...they didn't know what Linux was. I succeeded in wasting 30 minutes of their time.

Comment Time is not your friend (Score 1) 89

Unfortunately, this study does not prove it's intended use case, which is to identify someone at some point in the future. They recorded a single event and used it to detect the same event in a pile of 500. Any decent programmer can do that. There's no evidence this will be accurate when taking a snapshot a year from when the baseline was taken.

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