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Comment Re:The deleted section from the sample (Score 4, Interesting) 419

yeah, I think you're right..everything became much clearer after actually posting ;)
Actually, a little further down in the document, it even says "the sharp and now continuing drop in attacks does give the coalition a much-needed respite whose continuation will be critical...Reinforcing this trend...will be crucial to ultimate success"

So it looks like I was wrong, sorry. Mods, please mod grandparent down.
The Internet

Walmart Rejects Firefox and Safari 555

babooo404 writes "Last week, Walmart launched their online video download service. Immediately there were posts that the service did not work with the Firefox or Safari browsers. There was a collective, "WTF" when this happened as this is 2007, not 1997. Now it appears that reports are out that Walmart has completely turned off the ability to get into the application at all by Firefox, Safari or any other browser it does not like."

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