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Submission + - Facebook releases Zuckerberg's emails and asks to dismiss "fraud" lawsuit. (telegraph.co.uk)

UnknowingFool writes: Facebook lawyers released founder Mark Zuckerberg's emails from his days at Harvard in response to the Paul Ceglia lawsuit and asked the court to dismiss the suit calling it based on "fraud".

In June 2010, Paul Ceglia sued Zuckerberg claiming that he was owed 84% of Facebook because of a 2003 work-for-hire contract that Zuckerberg signed for another website. Ceglia claimed that he got 50% of Facebook for investing $1000 to Facebook plus a certain percentage for every day the site was late in completion for a total of 84%. Ceglia's evidence included emails and a contract.

Facebook lawyers contend that one page of the work-for-hire contract (with all the Facebook stipulations) has been artificially aged with sunlight and ink analysis proves that the handwriting is about 2 years old. Also Zuckerberg's lawyers contends that the emails produced by Ceglia were faked and no evidence of those emails existed on Harvard's servers. Instead the released emails between Zuckerberg and Ceglia never mention Facebook and only discussed Ceglia's website. In them Zuckerberg told one of Ceglia's associates towards the end that his interest in the work was disminishing due to other opportunities and that Ceglia was late in paying for work already completed.


Replacements For Adobe Creative Suite 3 Apps? 270

Gilmoure writes "With rumors of Adobe not supporting Creative Suite 3 applications on Mac OS X 10.6, I was wondering what Open Source apps folks would recommend to replace Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver? If the apps can work with the native file formats, all the better but if they provide the same functionality, that's still good. I have several designer friends that are looking forward to the speed boost of OS X 10.6 but don't want to go through the Adobe upgrades so soon after the CS2 to CS3 upgrades. Especially when Adobe's already working on CS5."

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