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Submission + - Rails Rumble 2007 Voting Has Begun (

frankmanowar writes: "Voting for the Rails Rumble 2007 competition opened yesterday. The goal of the Rumble is to build an entire web application in 48 hours using Ruby On Rails, and the winner is chosen by popular vote. From the site: "Check out the badass applications built by our 92 qualifying teams, and Register to vote for your favorites. The polls will be open for 2 weeks, so get in there and make your voice heard now. There may be 92 killer apps, but only one can win the Title Belt. Go get em tiger.""

Submission + - What *Should* You Be Doing? - new mobile service (

frankmanowar writes: "Kind of an inversion on the Twitter phenom, PingMe is a social app that asks "what should you be doing?" It let's you create reminders (called Pings) to be sent to your e-mail account or mobile device, and it allows you to create or update your pings from your mobile device via text messages. The idea is to help you keep up on what you ought to be doing, a la Getting Things Done. By setting up contacts, you can use pings to coordinate tasks and events with your friends, family, or colleagues."

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