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Journal frankie's Journal: How to buy an HDTV? 2

With the scary switchover fast approaching, L has expressed interest in replacing our 15yo tube. We are not big TV watchers, somewhere about halfway between typical well-educated suburbanites and annoying no-TV guy. We only buy limited basic cable, and mainly use the TV for DVDs and Wii (which I luckily scored on eBay).

My requirements:

  • 1080p - we plan to keep this set a long while, eventually need the rez
  • 40+" - so it provides as much SD visual area as our old 32"
  • decent contrast & speed - for DVDs & Wii respectively
  • well under $1k - we're not trying to build a stadium theater with popcorn holders

This one looks promising, but I wonder if I should just ignore it and wait for big sales later in the year. Perhaps Black Friday? Suggestions would be appreciated.

p.s. Just a funny thing I ran across while researching HDTV.

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How to buy an HDTV?

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  • It's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference between a 768p (funny how virtually no 720p TVs exist these days) and 1080p from any non-eye-bleeding viewing distance, but the contrast ratio is more visible, so if it's a choice, go for a lower resolution set with high contrast. That said, it's not easy to find a sub-40" TV that's not 1080i/p these days.

    Ok, on the subject of 1080i/p:

    In theory, there's no practical difference between an LCD/Plasma TV that's 1080i and one that's 1080p.

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