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Comment Have the ISP handle the attack for you (Score 1) 336

We were once DDoSed and we first called our colocation guys (that also manages our firewalls) if they could do it, the technician could do nothing. They called their ISP and they quickly found that the majority of the traffic came from countries we don't do business in so they simply blocked (or routed away) traffic from those countries going to our net and the site became instantly accessible again. The ISP has an anti-DDoS service that does this automatically based on some threshold magic. This is a service we are going to get.

Comment Make it work before forcing it upon us (Score 1) 1040

I can get used to things being different. But they need to work before I can use them. If you remove an api or functionality you need to provide some proxy or working fallback until the application developers have ported over the functionality to the new APIs. The systray is gone so gPodder minimize to nothingness and needs to be run again to show up. Crazy. It has come to this. I've actually considered switching to Mac because I need my workstation to just work. And it used to do that before Gnome 3 or Unity. I claim to my Fedora 14 at work and won't switch until they have fixed all issues.

Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland 640

An anonymous reader writes "Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu will move away from the traditional X.org display environment to Wayland — a more modern alternative. The move means there is now little reason for GNOME developers to recommend Ubuntu as an operating system. Shuttleworth said, 'We're confident we’ll be able to retain the ability to run X applications in a compatibility mode, so this is not a transition that needs to reset the world of desktop free software. Nor is it a transition everyone needs to make at the same time: for the same reason we'll keep investing in the 2D experience on Ubuntu despite also believing that Unity, with all its GL dependencies, is the best interface for the desktop. We'll help GNOME and KDE with the transition, there's no reason for them not to be there on day one either.'"

Submission + - State of graphics drivers on Linux? (slashdot.org)

frambris writes: It seems that wherever I look, people recommends getting a computer with an nVidia GPU because their drivers, although binary blob, do work pretty well. Now I am looking for a new laptop and the one the has caught my eye is the HP Envy 17" (good CPU, two hard drive bays, slot-in Blu-Ray drive and backlit keyboard). I like everything about it except that it has not got a nVidia GPU, it has instead an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850. I have struggled with ATI proprietary drivers before and got it working sometimes.

How are the ATI drivers today? Both the proprietary and opensource one(s?)?

I use Fedora 64-bit.


X264 Project Announces Blu-ray Encoding Support 139

An anonymous reader writes "The x264 project has announced the first free software encoder to be able to generate Blu-ray compliant video. In addition, the announcement comes with a torrent of an x264-encoded Blu-ray disc containing entirely free content, such as the Open Movie Project videos. While there are still no free software Blu-ray authoring tools, hopefully this will change now that video and audio are taken care of so that everyone will be able to make their own Blu-rays without expensive proprietary software. Additionally, it seems the Criterion Collection is a friend of free software, having sponsored the effort to confirm x264's compliance with the Blu-ray spec."

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