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Journal Journal: Release of Ghostss.com

A few days ago I released the web site ghostss.com it's my entry to the NIN Ghosts Film Festival.

It's an online video remixing application, it builds playlists describing a mix of videos with effects and render it as an .flv, flash video, file. All the content is on the web site, around 1 gig of video loops and a few mp3's from NIN music.

In accordance to NIN music, all Videos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license.

The web site is a mix of c++, php and javascript for the client side. Basically the client build a playlist with video references and effects, the playlist is translated into an xml request that is sent to the web site. The video mixer on the web site render the request into an flv or mp4 file that is then played to the client.

Feel free to try it and send me your feedback.
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Journal Journal: Release of eXo visualizer

After one year of coding I did release a new visualizer engine.

The eXo music visualization engine is fully hardware accelerated build with OpenGL. It features a 2D procedural texture generation unit and a 3D scene description. The eXo visualizer is a plug-in for iTunes running on Mac OS X.

Here a few interesting facts about the eXo visualizer:
- Uses XML to load description, so it's very flexible
- Has a mathematical parser to evaluate expressions for all behaviors (particles, colors, waveform...)
- Can load 3D shapes in the XML description
- Has a full modular 3D shape synthesizer, really fun to explore!

The visualizer comes with about 40 different scripts that will run randomly. It's also possible to select them manually through the preference dialog or using keys.

There is more information here http://fraktus.com/exo/exo.php and a direct link to the visualizer V1.0 itself is http://www.fraktus.com/exo/eXo.dmg

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