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Submission + - Bredolab botnet taken down (www.om.nl)

sciencewatcher writes: The High Tech Crime Team (THTC) of the Dutch Crime Squad today announced the takedown of a dangerous botnet. The botnet had infected at least 30 million computers worldwide. The botnet was part of the Bredolab network, used by cybercriminals to distribute malware to unsuspecting users’ computers. Users of computers with viruses from this network will receive a notice of at the time of next login with information on the degree of infection. They will receive helpful advice on removing the viruses from their system.

Submission + - SPAM: Facebook under fire over privacy settings

ZeeNews writes: "The latest news for all social media lovers is that the Popular social networking site Facebook is being criticised for planned changes to its privacy settings.

The Facebook officials plan to "simplify" the process so users only have to set them once, instead of for each individual feature.

The change will help people share more information with one another.

However, critics insist that the new settings can persuade members to share too many personal details — their date of birth for example.

"I'm a little bit worried about the settings recommended by Facebook because as far as I can see it's actually sharing quite a lot of information with quite a few people," the BBC quoted Tom Royal, from Computeractive magazine as saying.

"That's not something we'd advise people to do. We'd very much recommend people choose the ''limited'' option instead.

"For example, just your date of birth can be a security question for lots of internet applications," he added.

Meanwhile, Facebook execs say that the ''one size fits all'' approach will make things more straightforward for users.

"The effect of more and more settings has made controlling privacy on Facebook too complicated," said site's chief privacy officer Chris Kelly.

"It's also phasing out regional networks like London and Manchester because Kelly says "they don't adequately reflect a world where people choose the audience they want to share with," he added."

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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - How Engineering Students Protest the War ;) (youtube.com)

Sir_Poolie writes: "Linux and microcontrollers in politics? Here in this video a gluttonous engineering student still in the laboratory after 11:45 PM takes a creative approach by putting together a modest hardware hack — in hope of sending an urgent political message (LOL). Uses various prototyping boards & GNU/Linux — hooray! The clip's audio features priceless electronica-esque analog synthesizer work performed by Lasse Viklund."

Submission + - Renoise 1.9 - Music Sequencing For Hackers

conner_bw writes: "The interface is primarily numeric, notes are entered via the keyboard, length, parameters, effects are often entered in hexadecimal notation, and code flies across the screen as if you were looking at the opening credits of The Matrix. What's not to love? Renoise 1.9 was released a few hours ago. OS X and Windows compatible, rumors in the forums that a Linux version is just around the corner are abundant. A mob of interested Slashdot users couldn't hurt? Could it?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Pac man meets Zork

Kalak writes: Combine Pac Man, Zork, and some alcohol, and you get a text adventure version of Pac Man called Pac-Txt. It's an amusing way to kill some time and feel like you're in series of long corridors. Some credit was also given to the Balmer Peak

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