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Comment Re:Gingrich & Huckabee Weigh In (Score 5, Insightful) 1168

I grew up with someone who would later in life be diagnosed with schizophrenia. None of his close friends knew anything about his behavior problems until he started being sent to mental institutions (by his various "girlfriends", who most of the time we had never met). Even then, we didn't believe there was a real problem, because the behavior we witnessed wasn't abnormal to us.

One day, he came to me while he was having an episode. He was convinced that his mother was a demon and needed to be destroyed, and that I was the only God powerful enough to destroy him. He was taken to a mental hospital yet again, after an overnight at the county jail. We have very little contact with him now, and the last I knew, he was living on his own, outside of a mental institution, but taking his medications.

The short story is, some people need serious help with their mental problems, and their families and friends won't know when it's time to intervene. Constant supervision is an absolute necessity for some individuals. Its a really awful thing to think about locking up family or friends in a rubber room. Its by far worse to let them be free to harm themselves AND others... I most likely wouldn't hold this opinion if I hadn't been so close to someone who could be capable of the same destructive force that these other mentally ill shooters.

Its blatantly obvious to me that guns, religion, games, tv, music, etc... are not the issue. All it would take, would be for him to stop taking his medications out of his own free will, and this could all be happening again.

Comment Do Not Trust (Score 1) 39

I went to school with a girl who had no depth perception what-so-ever. She had three accidents in 2 years before anyone realized that she couldn't tell how far away things were. I don't think I want a autonomous drone flying above my head like that.

I would be interested to know if this robot suffers the same problem as birds do when they fly into windows. I might just pay good money to see a pack of drones crash into a glass building.

Comment Re:Good times! Clearly, he's a dirtbag (Score 1) 747

there are people looking to literally cut his fucking head off

Some men have had their fucking head cut of and sewn back on again without losing the ability to fuck. Having your regular head cut off is much worse. You are not guaranteed to survive, even if it is sewn on again immediately.

I think you meant "You are guaranteed to not survive, even if it is sewn on again immediately."

Plus, I'm sure there are several people who would rather lose their regular head than their fucking head.Of course there are also those who cut off their fucking head because they want to.

Comment Re:dont worry. (Score 1) 147

Honestly unless your self employed or a major shareholder in a small company the best option is to:

a) take the whole period off on the doctors advice, submit this to your company (Though this does depend on the employment laws where you live and your paid sick leave) b) just work slower, the company will need to take up the slack somehow (they should have contingencies for this, after all what if you had been more badly hurt or incapacitated)

i was injured and had to have surgery i simply took the opportunity for some well deserved time off. Admittedly working would have caused me additional pain and incurred significant additional expense (i was forbidden to drive) but equally I sure as hell wasn't going to waste the opportunity for 3 months paid leave, very few will fault you for taking this option.

Seriously, you probably deserve the time to recuperate. You would probably be better off in the long run resting as much as possible, and coming back ready to code up a storm. The programmer who does most of our web apps is currently out on a six week vacation mostly because he doesn't like coming in during August!

Hopefully you will be able to recover quickly from your injury. Good luck!

Comment Re:Ugh... (Score 1) 52

That controller design looks terrible and unergonomic. Plus their designer seems to have gone a bit overboard with the brushed metal look.

The look of the controller shouldn't mater a bit. The whole point of Ouya is to do what you want with the hardware.

Don't like the look of the controller? Make a new one.
Want it wireless? Go for it!
Want to replace the whole case? Big deal.

The best part is...None of this voids the warranty. I think it will be awesome to see the neat stuff that comes out weeks after the launch. Now might be a good time to invest in a MakerBot.

Comment Re:50 years ago... (Score 2) 184

50 years ago the U.S. could put a man into space. Today it can't.
50 years ago the U.S. was at the forefront of particle physics. Today it isn't.
50 years ago the U.S. started development of 3 different spacecraft on 5 different man rated rockets over a 7 year span. Today it's 10 years just to develop one.
50 years ago the U.S. had a plane capable of traveling at Mach 3.35. Today it doesn't.

I seriously feel bad for the future country my kids will inherit. It doesn't seem like we're moving in the right direction on the science and technology front.

I completely agree. We need to spend more money developing science and math education courses that engage children when they are young. Its sad to me the number of kids who don't even attempt word problems because they are "too hard".

Comment Re:Hear that, MSFT? (Score 1) 658

Microsoft also waits a tad more than a year between versions, and doesnt charge you for the service packs.

From wikipedia: Leopard Release date: October 26, 2007 Snow Leopard Release date: August 28, 2009 (20 months) Lion Release Date: July 20, 2011 (23 months) By comparison: Vista release date: January 30, 2007 Windows 7 release date: July 22, 2009 (29 months) You were saying?

Lets use a bigger sample size. Windows 2000 '00 Windows XP '01 Windows Vista '06 Windows 7 '09 Windows 8 '12 2.4 Years average (12 / 5) 10.0 Cheetah '01 10.1 Puma '01 10.2 Jaguar '02 10.3 Panther '03 10.4 Tiger '05 10.5 Leopard '07 10.6 Snow Leopard '09 10.7 Lion '11 10.8 Mountain Lion '12 1.33 Years Average (12 / 9)

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