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Comment MS is more clever? (Score 0) 91

I'm finding it hard to believe that MS brought down the behemoth by secretly bringing down those domain names.

On the other hand, maybe the little miscreants that created this botnet actually made the assumption that the domains couldn't be suspended. That still brings up the question, how long can this court-ordered suspension really last? Indefinitely is not a definite answer.

Going to go check my spam folder now... maybe it's got less crap in it now.

Comment How many years? (Score 2, Insightful) 223

I'm actually curious how log this has been going on. It seems like the corporations, and legal bodies could find more creative ways to spend the money. I would think paying more money to lawyers would be an obvious negative by now.

The comedians of this world have already written hundreds of jokes about lawyers and their self-serving nature. Maybe these litigious companies will realize, one day, there's a reason why.

Comment Re:They should have kept the price high (Score 1) 104

Who should have kept the price high? InterNIC? So, the booty of the late 90's, and now the early 21st century is a bad thing? Rather than snarl at the squatters, they should have made squatting less attractive by allowing more TLDs. A lot of people might be pleased that .xxx will be opening up soon. Imagine the possibilities now! sells.

Journal Journal: Good Employees: Confidence Versus Ego

One of the challenges of being a CTO is finding quality people for your development team. When the search began for employees for our new venture, the pickings were slim. What we needed was a star. We also needed someone that would trust us, and not be argumentative about new concepts. It's pretty easy to pick out the "bad eggs."

Comment The Solution Here (Score 5, Insightful) 330

A lot of people misinterpret what "freedom of expression" means.

People believe they have the write to "express" themselves as they please in the workplace. That simply isn't the case. Our rights -- our freedoms -- are protected against government interference not private interference. Your employer -- even a government office -- can silence you. There are laws for the workplace that take precedence over your rights. The law protects employees against being discriminated against or being harassed because of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender. Those aren't rights, however. You don't have a right not to be harassed. You are protected by laws.

Quite simply, these officers are out of line, and have broken laws. They don't have a choice but to change their behavior. If they want to frequent this site from home in their private time that is when their right to express themselves is enforceable. However, we all know there are consequences to actions in our private lives as well. But trying to make people behave to serve their best-interest is just a futile effort at protecting "stupid."

The comments about this story are already ridiculous (search, and Everyone thinks they know their rights, but I can tell by the comments none really know what their rights are, or what a right is.

Comment I wonder... (Score 0) 128

...does the S&P 500 use Linux?

I seem to recall that NYSE does. Then again, I'm old.

They may have switched to Linux at some point.

I think too much significance is being given to this announcement. Linux has already been quite dominant on the web for some time now. But most people couldn't care less about what delivered their content. How would you even know? Aside from server side errors.

RedHat's best contribution is Tom Lane to PostgreSQL.

Social Networks

Journal Journal: Social Contribution: ZooLoo, a new way to socialize

Just over one year ago the adventure began. We set out to create a new way to connect with others on the internet. There were a lot of blogs, and social networks to choose from. Then there were the less often used hosting companies where you could set up a very personalized presence on the web.

Social Networks

Submission + - ZooLoo: A New Spin on Social and Vanity?

An anonymous reader writes: I've had some time to play with a new product that opened for controlled beta on July 8th, 2009. There has been some minor buzz about ZooLoo on Facebook. I'm pretty tired of Facebook because there isn't really a lot to do there — at least nothing of any real substance. TechCrunch broke the story a bit early. Their view was, "When you set up your ZooLoo account, you are given a dashboard which contains customizable widgets just like iGoogle. But you'll see along both the top and bottom of the site elements that lead you to the more social aspects. Along the bottom, is your Facebook-style chat bar and options area..." But what really seems to set ZooLoo apart is that it has a site creation tool called "zCreator". With a free account you can set up one custom page. ZooLoo also got the vanity domain thing right. It's not just a path at "" but a subdomain. Additionally, they offer a premium package for $29.99/yr. that includes an actual domain name, more storage space, and unlimited custom pages. Overall I was impressed with the service. It's hard to believe they got all of this done in 13 months as claimed in a BizJournal article.

Submission + - University boffins squeeze 500GB onto a DVD ( 1

JagsLive writes: theRegister reports, "The University of Berlin, with partners Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy, has managed to work out how to store 500GB of data on a regular HD DVD or Blu-ray disc. By applying wavelength multiplexing techniques to multi-layer disc structures, very high storage densities can be achieved, Professor Susanna Orlic told German site Pressetext. The 500GB prototype has 50 data-storage layers. Orl said the technology has the potential to store one terabyte (1TB) of data."

Submission + - Aliens may be a bit 'weird', scientists say (

amigoro writes: "The search for life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond should include efforts to detect "weird" life with an alternative biochemistry to that of life on Earth, a new report from the US National Research Council finds. The authors found that the fundamental requirements for life as we generally know it — a liquid water biosolvent, carbon-based metabolism, molecular system capable of evolution, and the ability to exchange energy with the environment — are not the only ways to support phenomena recognized as life."

Submission + - Greenland ice cores reveal recent lush forests (

brian0918 writes: "Areas that are now covered by over a mile of ice were once covered with pine forests filled with insects between 450,000 and 800,000 years ago, according to newly-extracted ice cores. Researchers believe the DNA found in these ice cores may be the oldest pure samples yet obtained. These cores also indicate that the the southern Greenland ice cap may be more resistant to global warming than previously thought. Prior to this discovery, the last known forests in Greenland existed two million years earlier."

Submission + - Microsoft to Spend $1.15 Billion for Xbox Repairs (

An anonymous reader writes: Quoting from the NYTimes article: "In what may be one of the costliest consumer warranty repairs in history, Microsoft announced on Thursday that it would spend up to $1.15 billion to repair failing Xbox 360 game machine consoles. ... The size of the anticipated repair bill suggests that a third to as many as half of the machines are flawed."

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