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Comment Re:STAAAAAHP! (Score 2) 84

Developers would then be able to choose their algorithms for best suits their project, even native to web browsers with the upcoming WebCL."

If web browsers were people, that statement would have caused a mass suicide of them. Guys, stop trying to turn the browser into a platform. It introduces so many layers of complexity and security issues that it's a miracle anyone has any trust or faith in the internet at all. It's getting to the point where the only way to safely browse the net is to shove the entire browser into a virtual machine... and even that only manages to protect your own computer, say nothing of your online activities, credentials, life, etc.

We need to be making browsers simpler, not more complex. Feature bloat is making these things a leper's colony inside your computer... a cesspool of malware and vulnerability. Don't add to it by coming up with some new way for developers to directly access the hardware of your computer because you're too fucking lazy to write an app to do whatever it is, and want to cram it into the browser instead. You're just encouraging them.

Seriously, we need a 12 step program for these "web 2.0" people.

Browser based apps are not done because developers are "too fucking lazy to write an app to do whatever" but because they are lazy/costs more money to do it for multiple platforms, including mobile ones, and they just-work without the need of installing anything (the app itself, JRE, whatever) and the need for some kind of user privileges.

Comment Re:Colombus discovering America is a myth. (Score 1) 63

So did the Vikings or Portugese establish trade with the Americas?

Yes (the Portuguese).

Did they bring back bars of silver or gold, or native American artifacts?

Yes and yes, it is just disputed if that was before or after "Columbus".

Make maps or ostrich-egg globes?

Yes, it is just disputed if that was before or after "Columbus".

Comment Re:Colombus discovering America is a myth. (Score 1) 63

The press thesis when compared with the vikings makes sense, but when compared with the "iberians" it does not. The iberians had the same access to press, they were not a just "few nautically-inclined iberians", Portugal had a whole sea discovery strategy and had the most advanced sailing knowledge of that time.

Comment Colombus discovering America is a myth. (Score 4, Informative) 63

There are strong evidences that the Portuguese discovered America long before Columbus. But do not take my word, do your own research.
Also, there are indications that Columbus himself was Portuguese.

I will let this sink in (no pun intended).

You can read a bit about it here http://www.dightonrock.com/discoveryofnorthamerica.htm, although it doesn't look like a very credible site, seems to be inline with texts I read elsewhere.

Disclaimer: I am Portuguese.

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