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Comment Re:Wishful thinking... (Score 1) 96

You would need a USB stick that implemented a secondary device to uniquely identify the USB stick to avoid piracy. Implementing something like ARM TrustZone in a USB secondary function device would seem to suit this purpose nicely. Games downloaded to your USB stick could then only be used when that particular USB stick is physically present on your gaming system.

Comment Re:Generosity? (Score 1) 224

So if SpaceX fails, the taxpayer picks up the cost, with the billions we invested unlikely to ever be repaid. But if SpaceX succeeds, they reap the profits?

My good fellow, you do realize that if YOU are capable of offering launch services that are as reliable and cost effective as SpaceX that you could underbid them and reap those profits yourself, right? So unless you command a fleet of orbital launch capable vehicles I suggest you STFU and GTFO.

Submission + - Oculus founder Palmer Luckey must face lawsuit over use of confidential info (

fragMasterFlash writes: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey isn't going to escape that lawsuit over the alleged misuse of confidential data. A judge has ruled that Luckey has to face the core claim, which accuses him of breaching a contract with his former employer (Total Recall Technologies) by using its proprietary knowledge to get the early Oculus Rift off the ground.

Submission + - Microsoft Asks Node.js to Allow ChakraCore (Edge) Alongside Google's V8 Engine

campuscodi writes: Microsoft has submitted an official pull request to the Node.js project, through which it's asking the project's maintainers to enable support for ChakraCore, the JavaScript engine packed inside Microsoft's Edge browser, as an alternative to Node's built-in V8 engine, developed by Google. Earlier in December 2015, Microsoft open-sourced ChakraCore. Microsoft has also been one of the biggest companies to adopt Node.js early on, and is also part of the Node.js Foundation's Board o Directors. The main reason to add ChakraCore support in Node.js will help the IoT version of Windows 10 to run JS apps on IoT devices, just like Samsung is also thinking about.

Comment Nope! (Score 1) 196

I won't pick favorites here, I'll just mention that connected mobile devices go obsolete much faster than vehicles and vehicle manufacturers only care about vehicles they have already sold as long as some regulatory body makes them care. What I would like to see is an open standard for wireless display+input devices that can be a second screen for the mobile device that just about everyone has in their pocket these day. That way you can actually pay off that 6 year car loan before your factory infotainment system is completely worthless so long as you update/upgrade your "phone" on a regular basis.

Yes, "phone" because who the hell makes voice calls anymore?

Submission + - Uranium trade corrupt (

mdsolar writes: A Russian nuclear-energy official was sentenced to four years in federal prison and ordered to pay $2.1 million for arranging bribes to help U.S. companies do business with the Russian state-owned nuclear-energy corporation.

Vadim Mikerin, 56 years old, of Chevy Chase, Md., pleaded guilty in August to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Mr. Mikerin, who has been detained since October 2014, will get credit for time served. His lawyer, Jonathan Lopez said Mr. Mikerin plans to return to his home country.

Submission + - Microsoft's Modernized Development Workflow Begins To Show Cracks (

An anonymous reader writes: As widely reported last year from various sources, most of Microsoft's QA staff in the Windows division was eliminated in their 2014 layoffs. According to an article at Petri, the effects are now starting to be felt and the results aren't nearly as positive as those reported by Yahoo's similar experiment:

"According to several people familiar with the new process who asked not to be named, the new workflow caused issues for developers as they were not quite sure how to balance time devoted to testing versus building. Further, having spent years coding and not performing detailed and prolonged testing, their methods for quality control were not to the same standards as those who were dedicated to the task. Under the new process, the time allotted to building out new features includes testing the code as well, which it previously did not, which means that those engineers who are accustomed to the old style, now find themselves under more pressure to turn out quality code in a shorter period since they have to do the detailed testing. The end result, as we have seen with Windows 10, is a product with more bugs and it's starting to show the weakness of the new process flow."

Apropos of nothing, ZDNet reports that the latest Windows Phone 10 release has been pulled because of bugs in the installation process and also reports on Microsoft's official apology for the numerous issues that have plagued it's recent Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices.

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