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Comment Re:The school district will pay about $18k annuall (Score 1) 215

In my experience school districts consider students under their jurisdiction no matter where they are - on or off school grounds. How about the kids who were suspended for playing with airsoft guns - not at school, not on the bus, but near, (NEAR, ffs!) a school bus stop.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 940

The fact that labor wants compensation of any kind will spur automation, as soon as automation costs less than the minimum pay that labor will accept. The $15/hr min wage is just a convenient excuse. And using it as an excuse makes reasonable conversation about the ideas of minimum wage, living wage, corporations' roles in society, and automation in the workplace nearly impossible.

Comment They're all exactly what we need (Score 1) 789

...because what we need is more expensive, superfluous gadgetry in our cars that will break after the warranty expires, cannot be fixed by most owners and will cost more than the blue book value of the whole car to have repaired. I'd be happy if all four of my windows still operated.

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