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Comment Doctors are going obsolete (Score 2) 34

MDs are afraid of becoming obsolete, like horse farriers, photo and film shops, and soon also taxi drivers. Google's AI is probably already better than your non-specialist doctor at diagnosing diseases. So I expect they will be actively opposed to any attempt to step up machine learning for the health sciences.

Comment Re:Nefarious Headline for Practical Feature (Score 1) 368

All Intel processors made in the last 10 years have it: All AMD processors made in the last 3 years have it: I am not sure about ARMs, but they also have something called "security engine", and I can find very little info about them on the internet.

Comment Not excited (Score 4, Insightful) 181

1. What is so awesome about adding two numbers in the shell?
2. In any case, bash can do it too -- try echo $((15+7)).
3. One of the selling points of bash is that it needs to be fast for power users, so it uses cd instead of change_directory(). One of the selling points of Python is that readability counts, so it would choose change_directory() over cd. How do you plan to reconcile the two approaches?

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