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Comment Unity Namespace Collision! (Score 5, Interesting) 382

The Unity namespace is already occupied by a great game engine for iOS and android and support multitouch and so on. Canonical is just going to make it a PITA for one or both sets of developers searching for "unity opengl" "unity GUI" "unity multitouch" "unity android."

Comment Re:FPGA users already don't care (Score 2, Informative) 188

There are very cheap FPGAs too! Actel igloo nano are even under $1. These are often used as glue logic or nano-controllers like to connect a USB port to an ADC and DAC. In many cases, low cost ($1-20) FPGAs are use instead of microcontrollers and often FPGAs are even being programmed with microprocessor cores like the Nios(altera) or Microblaze (xilinx) or even soft ARM cores. You can run Linux on them!

Submission + - MIT Engineers release Open Source LED Lighting (

Gibbs-Duhem writes: Four MIT Engineers, Brian Neltner (covered previously on slashdot for his work at ), Daniel Taub, Perry Hung, and Russel Ryan, have in their spare time taken it upon themselves to produce an open-source, flexible, modular, and extremely high power LED light based on custom open hardware, and designed to make it easy for hobbyists to start using high power lighting in their projects. The "Saiko5" ( ) is documented from circuit design and assembly all the way to case design and control software, and is all released under creative commons and GPL licenses.

The fixture they designed outputs over 800 lumens of focused LED lighting. It is controllable entirely over WiFi and is based around either an Arduino ( ) or a Maple ( ) along with their open-source and open-hardware Light Shield ( ). The firmware developed by these engineers uses the Open Sound Control ( ) protocol, a successor to the popular MIDI and DMX control schemes.

On the software side, the Saiko5 has fully open-source Python ( ) example scripts which can be used as a backend to allow any software running on the computer to control the lights with simple commands such as "flash". At a higher level, they have also released an example audio analysis patch using the open-source version of Max/MSP known as PureData ( ). The result is a variety of awesome videos showing the interaction of the LED light fixture with music which are posted at .

The authors also posted a handy Instructable ( ) with step-by-step instructions for how to construct one of these light fixtures!

Comment Re:we need bigger space stations (Score 4, Interesting) 503

contrary to the AC response, there are a lot of metal alloys that cannot be made on earth because gravity causes the mixture of liquid metals to form separate layers (like mixing oil and water) especially during the cooling process for making the allow. another possibility is the creation of metallic foams which cannot be made the same way on earth because gravity separates the liquid metal from the air bubbles.

Comment Re:The list of the shameless "inventors" is (Score 2, Informative) 96

If you actually do a google search for "Brian Shuster Ideaflood Inc" you find this article about a porn-baron with a patent for pop-up ads. Truly a modern day Nikolai Tesla...


Ideaflood Inc. is an intellectual property holding company owned by Brian Shuster. He previously ran porn web sites that were accused by the Federal Trade Commission of deceptively charging customers. While he is said to have made millions from internet porn, with which he is still involved, he now sees Ideaflood's patents as his best potential revenue source.

His pop-up ad patent application was filed in 1998 and granted in 2002. Last week, Shuster modestly told MSNBC news, "I apologise for being a pioneer."

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