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Comment Re:WTF if Waze? (Score 2) 75

it's not really like google maps -- at least, not the data in question. in israel, at least, the maps were 100% generated by Freemap, based on data contributed by the users as they drove the roads. (israel is a small enough country that you can pull that off.) the location and path data was uploaded from the client phone apps (which ran GPL'ed code, based on RoadMap) to a central server (which was always private code). so what's interesting is what the initial terms of service for the user-contributed map data was. i'd bet that this is like the CDDB case, where they were free to take the user-contributed CD database private at some point. as for RoadMap -- i'm a principal author of RoadMap, and am still the underworked maintainer of the mostly inactive sourceforge project. i looked into the GPL issue when the waze complaints started, and convinced myself at the time that certainly none of my code was in the current client. and frankly, i'd be shocked if any of the original code was left at all.

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