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Comment Re:Purse Phone (Score 1) 348

I have a Galaxy S III, it slides into my back pocket rather nicely. Oh wait, I'm a fatty. I love the GS III as a device in every respect OTHER THAN being an actual phone. I believe Samsung's 3G radios are rather weak. Around my home, I get no reception with it (previous HTC EVO 4G always had at least 2-3 bars), and reception overall is generally sucky. My wife's Galaxy S II has the same poor reception. (FYI, she's no fatty). My Sprint service probably doesn't help, but in my experience, the devices' 3G radios are definitely sub-par. Sprint sent me an Airave, but that only helps around the house, I obviously can't take it with me everywhere I go. If I had it to do over again, I would not get a GS III, I'd get one of the new LTE Evos.

Comment Re:Price fixing by camera makers push me there. (Score 2) 280

Isn't the major differentiating factor (in the US) that camera gear is grey market because it doesn't come with a US warranty, but a so-called "international warranty"? That is, if your grey market L lens breaks, you can't just bring it back to the shop where you bought it, or even send it to an authorized US warranty repair center. In order to get it fixed under warranty, you'd need to ship it back to the factory - presumably in Japan or Southeast Asia. This would be an example of a manufacturer's US warranty network not having to support a piece of equipment. That represents a cost savings of a specific USD amount that's reflected in the equipment's price.

Comment Re:So why not old computers? (Score 1) 80

The engine you're thinking of is the 318ci wide block, so called because of its wide polyspherical heads.
It is absolutely a small block, interchangeable on a unit-for-unit basis with the 318ci LA (small block).
A polyspherical head is *not* a hemispherical head.

Chrysler big blocks are 383ci and up. Only the 427ci is a hemi.

Comment Re:So why not old computers? (Score 1) 80

The Chrysler 318ci is neither a hemi nor a big block.
The 318ci is a small block. Chrysler big blocks are 383ci and up.
Only The 427ci is a hemi.

That said, my first car was a '73 Dodge Charger with a 318 mated to a 727 Torqueflight transmission (not stock).
It was two blocks long, weighed more than most modern cruise ships, and I loved every second of owning it!
To stay on topic, I'm also nostalgic for my TRS-80 Model 1.

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