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Comment Re:Why has it taken 50 years? (Score 1) 585

"even if you appeared before me in the flesh, I would call it an hallucination"

And yet, the author does just the opposite of what he claimed he would do... I agree with the pre-heart-attack author. Can he ever be sure he isn't insane? Can I ever be sure I am not insane?

"Being a philosopher and not a poseur, I put the matter to an empirical test."

A truly awful test that could only ever gather anecdotal evidence. You earn a "D-" in science.

Maybe I missed it, but did his vision lead him to Roman Catholicism? Greek Orthodox? Anglicanism? Russian Orthodox? Episcopalian? Lutheran? Mormonism? Jehova's Witnesses?

Comment Re:Intel and MS (Score 1) 283

The display is color. In the lowest brightness setting, it reverts to black and white and remains mostly visible in sunlight (it's visible in sunlight at all brightness settings, but the colors don't come out well so there's little point in wasting battery and not turning the brightness all the way down).

You're right about the keyboard and general lack of resources. I purchased one for myself and am finding it very difficult but possible to touch type, but I do enjoy the placement of the Control key (to the left of the A; there is no caps-lock). I had to do quite a bit of work to get everything set up with "normal" window manager, xterm with readable fonts, browser, etc (note that the default sugar interface includes all of these, just in a different form than any Linux distro); I'm planning on using it as a conveniently portable development (often via ssh) workstation. (I've heard similar complaints about the Asus EeePC keyboard, but that is not exactly built for children so presumably its keyboard is slightly larger.)

I've seen many Give-One-Get-One participants say they purchased it as a gift for their own child or niece. This is the obvious market for the OLPC in its current form were it to be sold in retail stores. The question is, does it make a good laptop for children in wealthy areas who probably already have access to a computer and Internet? It certainly includes a lot of neat software, but is somewhat sluggish. I don't know any young chilren, and I've no idea if the laptop makes a good gift or not.

The Almighty Buck

Linux Fund Loses MasterCard Funding Source 122

An anonymous reader writes "The Linux Fund was established in 1999 to provide grants to free and open source software projects from funds raised via a credit card featuring a picture of Tux, the Linux penguin. This credit card was offered through MBNA America Bank, which was purchased in 2006 by Bank of America. Last week, LinuxFund credit card holders received mail from Bank of America informing them that the LinuxFund card would be discontinued. has a few details about the end of the credit card including statements from executive director David Mandel, assuring that the LinuxFund will look different but will continue. In the past, the LinuxFund provided one-time grants of $500-$1,000 USD to many projects including SDL, FilmGimp, Foundation, CrystalSpace, K12LTSP, and Kismet. The LinuxFund stagnated in 2003, and in 2005 it was revitalized by new leaders and by 2006 provided a stable $6,000 per year contribution to a number of larger projects including Wikipedia, Blender, Debian, Gentoo, and OpenSSH." and Slashdot are both part of OSTG.

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