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Comment Re:Well, duh. (Score 1) 413

Actually, some of this makes sense. Remember that the way we (your average geek) use computers compared to the average human being is much different. My wife checks email, goes to facebook, uses Word and that is about it. Why does she need all the cruft of a "normal" OS. Of course she could, and does actually know how to do more advanced things with a computer, but that is just not something she NEEDS.

In that case a much simpler desktop experience (Metro) isn't really backwards, but it is really following what Steve Jobs said about the way we'll use computers. For the average user a tablet like experience will really do the trick just fine. You appear to forget that the way we use a PC desktop is no longer the norm.

Comment Re:Overcomplicate much? (Score 1) 236

I can't say much for other cars, but my '07 audi has sensors in the brake pads which will cause a warning to come up in the information panel. Oddly enough, the car is being somewhat truthful. The light in mine came on a full year after the dealer told me my pads were dangerously low... When the light came on I was definitely below 20% pad life.

I also got a message telling me the fuel cap wasn't tight enough, anything past this level of information is going to go over most drivers heads. When the MAF begins to malfunction, how many drivers care to have this explained to them by the car rather than just a message telling them "something you should get fixed has happened, go to a mechanic"

Comment Re:Mixed Feelings on This (Score 1) 142

Well, I guess the one difference is once you reach your destination you still have your means of travel. The one thing you overlooked is after you fly your plane to point B, you then either need to own a second car, or need to rent.

It's not a huge benefit, but I can see someone who's hopping around states travelling a lot might get some use, yes it is still rather impractical

Comment Re:CSS *2.1*? (Score 1) 97

The W3C, despite what some people think, is not a kind of "web government" that sits above browser makers, website designers etc. and tells them what to do. Rather, its purpose is to make the standards that the community has agreed on official.

Interesting. So basically they come a long and say, "hey you're all using that? Ok, it's a standard now". Well, thanks captain obvious. So really they are nothing more than glorified technical writers.

Comment Re:Killing OS X would Kill Apple (Score 1) 577

What the article plainly ignores is that OS X is the de-facto development environment for the Web Services industry. Most if not all web development shops are based on OS X for their development platforms.

You must not be a web developer. Of the 5 different web-dev positions I've held, Only 1 has been an OS X shop. The rest were Linux and or Windows. You also conveniently forget .NET exists. Over generalizing makes your comments appear sensational, and inaccurate.

OS X is clearly not going anywhere, but they do not command the Web as you believe.

Comment Re:I would have been happy with that (Score 1) 223

I realize on /. this will go over like a plutonium filled lead balloon, but distance learning as a primary means of children's education is a terrible idea. Social interactions are extremely important to a child's development. Kids learning in isolation at home may make them intelligent but will be disastrous to their social well-being. Yes many people here are by nature introverted, but as a race if we continue to weaken our actual bonds to each other (texting and IM do not count), we will fall apart.

Online education can be a great supplement, but people need to interact consistently on a face to face basis.

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