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Comment Rear Projection? (Score 1) 184

I was thinking about this recently for a similar project - I'll bet a piece of vacuum formed plastic with some rear projection paint combined with a pico projector could do a pretty good job of mimicking the physical appearance of an old CRT. Couple that with a bit of video processing to inject artificial scan-lines.
Blinky & Cathode are two pieces of software on OSX that do a really good job of mimicking CRT effects.

Comment Re:karma's a bitch (Score 1) 393

What else can they do? They can muster every last bit of sensibility they have and bring him down with non-lethal means. Multiple officers have him pinned to the ground - they've got the upper hand, and if they wanted to bring him in alive, they could have. Zap him again, or give him one good blow to the head to knock him out, or fuck it - shoot him in the leg!
They've got his weapon, he's in a compromised position, and they're armed and armored like god-damn combat soldiers. Buck up and take this guy in alive. You don't get to tell me how much of a dangerous job you have if you've got carte blanche to empty a clip into anything that threatens you.

Comment Re:The most disgusting part.. (Score 4, Insightful) 420

This will continue to happen until it is a dangerous practice. Dangerous on a personal level. It continues to amaze and disappoint me that there aren't more (any?) stories of high ranking executives and officers being found mysteriously disemboweled.
"Gee wiz, I really would like to outsource this entire department to shitfuckastan, and find the carrot juuuuust big enough to keep the staff here to train their replacement, but I sure am worried about my entire family being slowly murdered and eaten in front of me when I get home"
I know that's not actually how the world works, but a boy can dream.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 352

YES. came here to say exactly this. I'm flummoxed over the the success of republican scare tactics over a demographic who you'd think would pride themselves on bravery and fearlessness. Afraid of immigrants, afraid of refugees, afraid of 'terr, afraid of gays, etc...
I'm doubly vexed as most of this rhetoric comes from large swaths of the country that really aren't effected by at least some of 'scourges'; Trust me "Real 'Murica", no where within 1,000 miles of Kansas is ever going to be a high value ISIS target.

Comment Re:Matrox video card + 1 PC. (Score 2) 197

^ This.
Do you really want to manage dozens of little machines? Matrox will give you gobs of outputs on a few cards. They're nothing you'd game on, but champs at what you're looking to do. Signal extension can get pricey, but if you want to do it right, and give yourself some flexibility, look at Creston's DigitalMedia Matrix. I think of it as a premium extension solution that includes free routing and KVM capabilities. Mix and match I/O flavors, and supports both UTP & fiber extension.

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