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Comment Re:Seems they have no idea what they are talking a (Score 1) 189

This is absolutely correct. In fact this is already a solved problem as even different consoles (eg, XBox vs Wii) have very different input systems. This is why game developers typically abstract away the front end so that it's easy to have a different version for each console and input systems are often layered such that only the first layer or two need to be replaced for a different input system. The largest lump of code in many games, at least the games I worked on, was game play, AI and graphics/animation which are largely reusable with a few changes between systems, even systems as different as the Wii (No shaders, OpenGL like API) and the XBox (DirectX with shaders). With WP7 you would have even fewer difference making even more shared code.

Comment Re:What a shitbag... (Score 1) 464

I mostly agree with you except on the "remembering training" part. If you have to remember your training then you haven't trained enough. A huge part of the martial arts training I received has been about training your reflexes and muscle memory to the point where you don't think during a fight/sparing match, it's automatic. That's part of the reason it's such a huge time investment, you have to repeat things until they are second nature. My martial arts friends and I even go so far as to feign attack in a surprise situation sometimes (under safe conditions, if you screw around you get hurt) to test and improve each other's reactions.

Comment Re:I don't know who to pull for. (Score 3, Funny) 425

I was about to insult your analogy because Zombies are totally not an equal to Vampires... then I thought about the properties of each...

Vampire (Apple)
- sexy
- intelligent
- chrismatic
- thinks nothing of charming you only to suck you dry of blood/money

Zombies (Microsoft)
- slow
- stupid
- flakey
- only has power in numbers

Further evidence for the Microsoft zombie theory can be found during the Windows Mobile 7 release party.

Comment Re:Bizarre choice (Score 3, Interesting) 345

I think a lot of people who dislike Objective-C are those who just looked it over and haven't spent too much time with it. I used to feel the same way until I got most of the way through an iPhone app recently. I view it as an acquired taste. Watching the great WWDC videos that Apple provides on it's development site helped me to understand it a lot and learn why they do the things they do with it.

Comment Re:Here we go again (SCO) (Score 1) 675

I agree with all your points, but Java using an interpreter?

Java has used JIT complication of a very long time now

In fact some JVMs can even recompile on the fly after it gathers runtime data for even better performance

Comment Re:Tell them three things (Score 2, Insightful) 240

I'm a former game programmer (only got out a few months ago) as well and I agree with you 100%. The short of it for me is if you like playing and creating video games, don't join the industry. Things you enjoy doing are better kept as hobbies. The industry likes to take your excitement and crush it with late nights and by making you feel like crap about every product you make, though I'm sure there are exceptions to that. You might think that the long hours aren't a big deal, but when you're SO/Wife starts telling you that you need to find a new job because she's tired of not seeing and you start considering sleeping at the office you'll start changing your mind.

One last thing, the pay often sucks. There is a high demand for these jobs because people think they want them, so they end up offering you crap money compared to working in other areas of programming. I was offered more money to work in VB6 than I was offered to work on games in C++.

I haven't complete given up on game programming that said, I still work on little projects on my own time, but I won't ever do it for anyone else again.

Comment Re:No problems here (Score 5, Interesting) 266

You damn well can notice DRM on the Xbox 360. I recently had mine die and I sent it back to MS for repair. They sent back a referb unit as per their usual policy. Along with the Xbox was a note telling me to redownload all my DLC so that the licenses on my hard drive would be updated to work with the new console. Well that only works if the jack asses at MS remember to actually transfer the licenses to the new Xbox on their servers, which they failed to do in my case.

It took a lot of poking around but I eventually found which gave me proof that they indeed forgot to transfer the licenses and also gave me a way to transfer the licenses to the new Xbox, though you can only do this once per year.

While I was having these DRM issues I could only play DLC games when I was on the account they were purchased on and logged on to Xbox live. As soon as I lost my internet connection (which happened to be having issues around this time) all my DLC games would get the word trial added beside their name. I did a test and brought up the list of all my DLC games, pulled the network cable out of the Xbox and saw the word "Trial" added to the name of every one of my games, top to bottom, one at a time. Event my damn wallpaper disappeared because that was DRMed too.

That said at least they have a tool like and at least they do allow you to link your games to a console so they can be played offline once that is achieved. Still, I'm sure this isn't the last I'll see of these issues.

Comment Re:They're artificial limitations. That's the prob (Score 2, Insightful) 1634

People need to be both vocal AND not buy it. Otherwise they may think that the product failed because it didn't make your penis bigger.

This is why saying "just don't buy it then" is a silly response to "product Y sucks because of issue X". One would think if they are bitching they probably aren't going to buy it, they just want to make sure people know why.


Disney Releases 3D Texture Mapper Source Code 83

dsavi writes "Ptex, Walt Disney Animation Studio's cutting-edge 3D texture mapping library which was first used on nearly every surface in the 2008 animated feature Bolt, was released under the BSD license on Friday. Quoting the announcement on 'We expect to follow Ptex with other open source projects that we hope the community will find beneficial. We will soon be launching a new Walt Disney Animation Studios Technology page under It will include links to our open source projects as will as a library of recent publications.' This looks good for open source 3D graphics."

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