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Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 4

Honestly, this is nothing new.. Linux has been doing this for ages.. I have moved my Slackware installation from one laptop to another to a PC ad from there to a better PC without changing much of anything.. If ever I did anything, it may have been reinstalled LILO when the installation was completely copied to a new HDD. I agree this never worked for me on Windows, but as u know Windows belongs to a different world.

Submission + - Guardian gagged from reporting UK parliament (

An anonymous reader writes: The prominent UK newspaper The Guardian has been legally prevented from reporting a question in UK parliament. This is fairly absurd given that the question is a matter of public record (#61) — but the country's special libel laws mean that the newspaper cannot inform the public of what parliament are up to.

The question concerns the oil trading company trafigura, the toxic waste scandal they are involved in, and their generous use of libel lawyers to silence those who would report on the whole thing.

(Dear editors, the reason you should use this submission rather than the one already made is that I've provided more context in the form of what the gagged question is, and what it's about.)

The Internet

Submission + - UK Climate Change Computer Named Top Polluter ( 2

1sockchuck writes: "In a vivid example of the "headline risk" posed by IT energy usage, the UK Meteorological Office has been cited as one of the country's worst polluters — primarily because of its use of a powerful IBM supercomputer used to predict climate change. Met Office spokesmen have sought to argue the merits of the science conducted by the supercomputer (numbers 73 and 74 in the Top 500 list), but media have seized on the seeming disconnect between the agency's goals and the energy overhead of its supercomputing operations. The story has been widely featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun."

Submission + - Microsoft falsely classifies sites as phishing

An anonymous reader writes: As of this morning, it appears Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are blocking large blocks of the Internet by falsely identifying sites as phishing sites. The block appears to cover a large number of "pseudo-TLDs", including,, and others. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses that have their own DNS space underneath these domains are affected — try a google search for "", and try some of those sites. One company I am in contact with has had all it's public facing sites, customer portals and even their own internal intranet sites blocked by IE, as it appears to identify these sites as "unsafe" solely by looking at the last part of the FQDN. It raises interesting questions of trust and liability — given that the block list and listing / delisting process is shrouded in secrecy (there is a web form you can fill in, but I'm told that actually getting hold of a real person is nigh on impossible, as is getting any kind of time scale for removal), how are business owners to react when they are effectively knocked off the internet by some over-zealous administrative cock-up ?

Comment you have given more information already (Score 1) 2

I am personally scared to let the name of the airline here because I am travelling with them soon! Any suggestions for bringing security awareness to this airline?

You wish not to name the Airline but have already given enough information to know which country and what airline it is. Even a kid can decipher that with those hints.

I am talking about a country which ranks 2nd in population


a government owned major airline

The indian govt owns only 2 Airlines, One for Local traffic(Indian Airlines) and one for International(Air India).

By the way, I agree.. Not only the Airlines almost every department in India needs security training.


Submission + - How to bring security awareness to a major airline 2

pangeakiller writes: "Hi Slashdot,

I recently booked a flight in a government owned major airline. (I am talking about a country which ranks 2nd in population). After some days, I received an email informing me about a schedule change. The link directed me to a text file in their website with no sort of authentication whatsoever. What is worse is that the url is so easy to predict that by just changing some characters, you can pretty much see a number of other itinerary, including some key personal information. Being a responsible person, I sent the airline an email explaining the problem 2 weeks back. Neither has the airline replied to my email nor has fixed the problem. I was able to view some itinerary as I type this. I am personally scared to let the name of the airline here because I am travelling with them soon! Any suggestions for bringing security awareness to this airline? Any personal experiences?"

Comment The same reason I dont buy Laptops (Score 1) 2

This is the very reason I still havent bought a laptop from any of the manufacturers. I usually buy second hand laptops instead. I was browsing the sites of Dell, HP, Compaq today to see if I can buy something I like with Linux or without OS. unfortunately the only thing i found was a mini. Also when I was reading the Dell forums regarding refunding Windows Licenses the answer was "you cant get a refund" Seriolsy these guys should have an option of unbundling the OS before hand.
Operating Systems

Submission + - FreeBSD developer sues Lenovo for Vista on laptops ( 2

__aaxwdb6741 writes: The Danish FreeBSD developer Poul-Henning aka. "Hero" Kamp has sued Lenovo because they do not offer a refund for Windows Vista on their laptops. The Windows EULA clearly states that the user can, if they do not accept the license, have their money refunded by the entity which installed the OS on their system, which in this case is Lenovo.

Submission + - Open Source DVD copying (

Karlan Mitchell writes: "*Feel free to take out my shameless plug ;), as I really would appreciate advice on the subject With the recent court rulings involving Kaleidescape [link slashdot] and RealDVD [link slashdot] what do you feel is the future of software in this category. Furthermore now seems like a great time for me write a GUI to my CLI DVD[ link ] software and release it under a BSD license; However I'm young and absolutely couldn't afford a lawsuit, considering I'm a starving programmer and all. Should I make it impossible to contact me via post and avoid all contact with humans to prevent being served (see pineapple express); or Im I protected somehow considering my software uses mencoder which inturn uses libdvdcss (neither which I include with my program)...... Unlike these companies I have no desire to make a cent off of this software, I just hate our copyright laws over here in the land of the free."

Submission + - Google boss resigns from Apple board (

Barence writes: "Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned from the board of Apple. A statement from Steve Jobs claims conflicts of interest have made Schmidt's position on the board untenable. "Unfortunately, as Google enters more of Apple's core businesses, with Android and now Chrome OS, Eric's effectiveness as an Apple Board member will be significantly diminished, since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest." Google now has a web browser and a forthcoming operating system that compete directly with Safari and Mac OS X."

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