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Comment Re:Rod Blagojevich comes to mind (Score 1) 150

The most sensitive parts of the law, are left out from the original post. For your info:
- the law will severely restrict law enforcers from using telephone / ambient wiretaps. Practically the use will be allowed only for mafia or drug related crimes. All the rest (murder, kidnapping, corruption and other white collar crimes) will be a no go. See the comments made by the very US Dept. of Justice a few weeks ago on the subject.
- the law will punish journalists / editor ho disclose acts that are now of public domain.
It is my understanding that Italian and US laws are very similar in that respect, now. It is prohibited and punished the dissemination of info of an ongoing investigation. At the end of the investigation, when the indictment charge is filed, all the acts therein contained are made public.
With the new law (god forbid), all those acts will be kept secret until the end of the trial. In Italy it mean 5 to 10 years, if not more
With that law in effect you'd know your neighbor is a rapist, or your local administrator is a thief, after 10 years...

Comment Rod Blagojevich comes to mind (Score 1) 150

If this draft was a law in the USA, people would have know Blago's wrongdoings only after the trial or the journalists that published the intercepted telephone conversations (that were in the affidavit) would be in jail. Please remember that the real targets for the proposed Italian law are the lawful* wire taps. Those warranted by a judge. In Italy, as of today, details of an ongoing investigation can't be divulged before an affidavit is issued. Then, it's a public document. And that's where journalist learn about intercepted conversations. While I find the gag to the press disgusting and fascist, it's more way more disturbing the systematic barrage of hurdles thrown on Italian Justice already troubled way. * as opposed to unlawful, unwarranted, widespread NSA wiretaps.

Comment As good ol' George said... (Score 1) 1252

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past"
Like writing on schoolbooks that Germans were descendants of some mythic ancient super race, or that Kim Il Sung could actually can fly or talk to animal or that all inventions have been made by , or, or, or... Mystifying history is never for a good cause.

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 3, Interesting) 477

Useless retaliation. Only stuff is worth something. Try to build an hard disk magnet with an alloy of steel and dollars if you are able to. Chinese are just leveraging their resources, which, by the way, does not come cheap in terms of labor and environmental damage. Maybe you didn't notice , but Chinese government is trying to spend as fast as possible those mountains of soon-to-be-rubbish banknotes called dollars. They go after everything: from nationwide mining deals to subsidizing the buy of small groceries shops in northern African countries or restaurants in Italy. Because, at the end, only real, solid stuff matters.

Comment Re:Spamming the spammers? (Score 3, Informative) 178

The goal is to spam the spammer *sponsors*, not the spammers themselves. This is the exact reason why the blue frog was so successfull.
Once you receive a mail advertizing pills or wrist ornaments , the Blue/Black frog client sends an opt-out message to the advertized mailbox.
Let say this online shop sends a million spam messages by means of a spammer, he (the shop owner) receveives 1 million opt-out messages back !

Days are counted for the spammers ! MUahAhahAHhaHAh

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