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Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 3, Interesting) 983

You are drawing a false equality/similarity. The majority of police shooting are NOT directed at homicide suspects. So it would not be surprising to find that if one broke down the distributions of citizens killed by police to find a racial disparity in homicide suspects being killed and, as you point out, this wouldn't be surprising. However since the majority of police do not involve homicide suspects it is hard to say. It is even harder to say because the Republican controlled Congress has blocked funding to study police violence.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 284

Not sure where to start. I assume, given the current news, you are referring to the Iranian 'peace' deal when you say:

Maybe it's time to declare war on the countries harboring and funding these organizations instead of making 'peace' deals with them.

Iran is not supporting ISIS and is, in fact, urging their allies to fight them.

You go on to say:

We no longer tolerate fundamentalist christians teaching 'creation' in place of science, nor allow them to trample women's reproductive rights.

Again I must assume (you didn't specify) that you are referring to the USA which still has many states where creationism is taught in public schools and recently made exceptions for FOR PROFIT self described (not legally associated with any religion) corporations to deny woman coverage to basic reproductive health treatments at the insistence of their employer.

I do not believe people are supporting giving "irrational muslim belief" any quarter. Are you implying that all muslim belief is irrational? What action do you believe would solve the current world issues? It seems that having a bunch of American soldiers on the ground does not generally result in a stable nation appearing. This is not a simple problem assuming you have the answers or even all the information without having dedicated your life to it is ignorant at best.

Comment Remove corporate taxes (Score 1) 456

The US should give up and admit that it cannot effectively tax the the corporations that have grown from it and instead of taxing profits tax where the money flows to. That is remove capital gains tax as well because now all of that would count as normal income subject to the standard laws governing that. Generally individuals are far less able to get sweet heart tax laws passed making their tax burdens minuscule. So while some super wealthy individuals will still manage to avoid taxes as a general rule more taxes will be paid. This would also dramatically reduce our tax code, remove government subsidies (i.e. tax breaks) for specific businesses, and level the playing field for smaller business who have yet to have setup their own tax avoidance systems.

Comment Re:Ah the right wing story progression (Score 1) 475

That is all well and good. Just accept that you are doing something. You are actively choosing to continue the status quo. That is fine. That is the norm. That is what the vast majority of humanity is doing. What YOU are asking is that future generations pay for your unwillingness to find a solution to YOUR problems. You "can't stop driving" why? You are angry about spending YOUR money but you are requiring future generations to pay the debts you are incurring. Accept that your actions have consequences and face the reality of the modern world.

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 1) 283

Updating is required to maintain a secure device. I had had the device for just over a year when it updated. The change that Apple made was not the raise the price, they already have corned the market on over pricing their devices, but to make it that older devices do not offer functionality offered to newer devices. This is reasonable. If Google decides to push a software update to a device THEY are responsible for ensuring it works. Devices do not "degrade with upgrades" that is a contradiction of terms. A software update should not be pushed to a device that cannot handle it.

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 1) 283

You are essentially saying that he can fix the issues pushed onto the device by the developer, in this case Google. Why is that an acceptable "solution?" When Apple did this with the iPhone 3g people very annoyed (rightfully). I got a free upgrade from Apple after complaining about it repeatedly. I can't even find out who I WOULD contact with regards to my 2012 Nexus 7 being so slow. It is fine and daddy to say that a user can make their 3 year old device do amazing new things by rooting and installing other software; telling a user that they can fix issues pushed on them by the developer of software is not. This is one reason why Apple totally hampers older devices at the OS level (e.g. no multi tasking older devices that will get iOS 9).

Comment Re:How could it possibly "work" for 300M people? (Score 1) 281

I think the "large welfare state[s]" are providing a minimum income to their citizenry. This has very much the same effect as a minimum wage in countries where the economy can handle either the high taxes or the increased costs of a higher minimum wage. The conclusions you draw from the two systems you are comparing do not follow from their forms of economy so much as their underlying economic base which existed before the socialization (sorry bad term but you get my drift) of Europe. Basically correlation does not equal causation.

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