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Comment Re:Their arguments won't make a difference. (Score 1) 375

Sure, then 14 years later Nixon did so much harm to the country, that he ended up resigning because of it. Some favor, huh?

Whaat? What exactly was the "so much harm" that he did to the country? He was a very effective president. Heck, he was almost more of a statist than your candidate HRC!!

Comment Re:Remember, it's because people aren't marrying (Score 1) 531

Pornography wouldn't be such a big deal if the level of prudery in the US were toned down a bit.

It seems to me that the more "prudish" societies have a higher birth rate. Anyway, the west has become so open-minded that it's collective brains have fallen out. Oh well, the fallout from that will be for younger generations to deal with...

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